Hiring a Private Security Company – 6 Questions to Ask

Hiring a private security company for your home, business or community is one of the crucial decisions you need to make to protect people and the property. In this case, you need to entrust the safety of your property to the company you hire and the officers they employ. To make a right choice, you can ask the following questions before choosing the security services.

1. Is the company insured?

You need to make sure whether the security company you consider carry workers comp, business insurance, and general liability. By inquiring this, you can ensure that if any issue occurs, the company will have the resource for added protection.

2. Are they professionally trained and licensed?

You need to make sure whether the company you hire provides the well trained and licensed officers for your need. Only the trained officers will be capable of doing the right job and provide the exact services you require. Licensed security officers ensure the expert security system and proficiency, so you know that you are hiring a true professional.

3. Does the security officer appear professional?

You have to know whether your security officers appear in a professional way that means they should wear uniforms with logos and come in identifiable patrol vehicles. They should not wear t-shirt and jean during their duty. They should maintain professionalism on and off the company premises.

4. What kind of training does the security guard go through?

Only the theoretical training is not enough to handle the real time threads. So make sure whether the officers are well trained in weapons technology, public interaction, risk assessment, counter-terrorism, and public security techniques. It ensures you that they can handle any critical situations that occur in your home or business premises.

5. Does the company provide 24 hours service?

If you are choosing one of the most reliable security companies, you can inquire them whether they provide 24 hours communication in case of emergencies even at night, on weekends and during holidays.

6. Does the company have references?

You can ask the company about the current references and contact them to know their reviews about the company, officers, and their services. By knowing their review about the company, you can decide whether to choose them or not. To find out more about the company, you can also inquire them about the service they are receiving now and how long does they are using the particular company for their security needs.

The author is a certified security guard working in a leading security company. He offers cost-effective security services in Sydney for his clients. To know more, visit http://www.sentinelsecuritygroup.com.au