Hiring a Security Guard? Here are 6 Qualities to Look For

The sole responsibility of a security guard is to be vigilant and protect the premises, be it an office building or a mall. A lot goes into making the right choice for a security service. Be sure to hire a security service that is firm, trustworthy and true to their duties. To choose the right person for your job, here are some of the best attributes of a security guard you need to lookout for:

1. Alertness:

A well trained security guard will always stay alert and constantly monitors the surroundings. They shall stay focused, regardless of any distractions. A heedless security officer might overlook any minute detail, which could put people’s lives in jeopardy. Alertness is an imperative aspect every security officer must have.

2. Physical Fitness:

A security guard is deemed fit to perform his/her duties, provided they are fit and healthy, they’re within the healthy weight range and workout regularly. Only a security officer who is physically fit can execute work perfectly. The officer will have to depict a professional image. They’ll remain professional and well-mannered at all times.

3. Honest:

A good security guard will be honest. Since it is their responsibility to protect the access points of your building or premises, it is important that you rely upon someone who is honest and trustworthy. Reliable security companies do perform background checks before appointing someone as a security guard, to make sure they do not have a criminal history.

4. Preparedness:

A security officer will be prepared to handle any situation that can come up anytime. They will be equipped with essential security gear that lets them communicate and coordinate with other officers, and apprehend the wrong doers as soon as possible. They do invest in relevant clothing and shoes to keep them comfortable during their surveillance duties.

5. Excellent Communication Skills:

A reliable security guard will possess excellent oral and written communication skills. Clean and clear-cut communication is vital to handling any tricky situation. Having accurate communication skills also helps them to document every single incident. Also, most interaction of security officers will be with the customers and employees, which means the necessity of good communication skills cannot be written off.

6. Fulfill Client Needs:

One important trait of a good security officer is their attention to detail. The guard has to perform a plethora of tasks in a day and one of them is remembering to serve the clients of a business. For instance, security guards will direct people to decrease queues and even escort customers to get to their cars in the parking lot at night.

Hiring the right person to secure your premises is crucial. Get in touch with a reputable security service in Myanmar and impart an enhanced level of security for your business.

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