How Concrete Staining Works and its Benefits

Though concrete staining is becoming a popular process, few people still doubt about how safe it is to stain concrete. If the procedure is done properly, concrete staining does not create any problems, and your floor will be completely safe.

The coloring agents will only stain the concrete, and thereby do not make the floor wear or vulnerable to any other issues. On the other hand, polishing or coating the floor with epoxy will only increase the life your concrete flooring, rather than leaving it bare.

Concrete stains react with the surface or penetrate deeper, depending upon the age and the type of concrete used. You will have to consult an expert regarding which stain would be best suited for your flooring.

The size of the surface and the type of concrete are the major decisive factors in concrete staining. It is generally recommended that the concrete stain is tested on a small area before being applied on the main flooring. Cinder blocks or old concrete slabs, even concrete bricks, are used for testing. After the stain is finalized, it is applied on the floor.

Some stains might take some time to penetrate, so you will have to be patient till the entire process is finished. The surface must be clean before the stain is applied and proper equipment must be worn during the process.

When acid concrete staining is done, some residue due to acidic reactions might be left. It is necessary to remove these after the process is completed. Acid stains work mainly because of chemical reactions, and hence, these residues are common. Some experts also mix their own concrete stains. This is used in cases where highly customized colors are required. Polishing and epoxy floor coating is also done in addition to concrete staining. However, epoxy coating is applied in areas like garage floors or industrial floors, where oil and other substances are used. Epoxy coating protects stained concrete well, and does not allow any damage to happen easily.

Concrete stains might wear off sometimes, even if the best ones are used, since floors are exposed to a lot of external agents. Since this is how it generally works, polishing or epoxy coating is a must. Concrete staining is a cost effective solution to make your flooring stronger and more reliable. It also gives a modern look and a better feel to your old flooring.

Understanding the concrete staining process will help you make better decisions, but it is always advised to hire an expert in order to get a clean job done.