How much do you know about Apparel Graphics?

From ancient times to now, people are fascinated by prints on their clothes. In earlier days, they used hand paints or Embroidery to design their apparel. But in modern times the technology of printing has changed, kinds of prints have evolved, but the passion for designs on their apparel still remains same. Now this art is popularly known as Apparel Graphics. The word graphics symbolizes not only change in printing but the way we design them as well. In the present situation, the choices of design to our clothes have become vast. Not only the selection, but now we can even create our own graphics, logos, and names and get them printed.

The most famous and easy Apparel graphics is T-Shirt Graphics; they are easy to print and become a walking advertisement. There are tons of brands that are bringing out popular designs daily, and even many start-ups are creating their own mark in this field. T-Shirt design also has become a very serious job and thousands of artists are bringing up their masterpiece on T-Shirts. Another aspect of these graphics is you can get your photos printed on T-Shirts itself. Either it is a self-portrait, landscape, wildlife or any artistic pic you can get them printed easily.

Logo graphics also have their own unique identity in this field. Big Corporate companies, Schools, Clubs, Sports teams are becoming very fond of these personalized Logo graphic T-Shirts or Hoodies. They make similar T-shirts with a symbolic logo of their entity to all participants in their respective groups. These Logo T-Shirts symbolizes their unity and make them representatives of their group.

T-Shirt graphics have earned a special status in today’s world. Graphics on t-shirts have not only become a fashion statement, but they are also used in showcasing an individual’s attitude. You can see the various graphics in your day to day life, you can observe that some graphics are sarcastic, some say about their feelings, some are abusive, some are patriotic and some philosophic. And it’s not necessary that they should be in words, even pictures say a thousand words. Graphic T-Shirts are also used in propagating an agenda, they are used to protest as well. You can see them in ‘For-a-cause-Marathons’ like ‘5K-Half Marathon for cancer awareness’ etc., graphics are used to create awareness in people.

T-shirts have revolutionized our way of clothing, they have shown us that clothing is not just what you wear; it is in fact showcasing what you are!

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