How to Choose a Florist

How to Choose a Florist

Whether you are looking to have flowers delivered to a loved one or flowers for an occasion, you need to make sure that you have the right person doing it. There are many flower shops in London, Ontario, but finding the one that fits your needs is often the trick. Here are some things to think about as you start your search for the perfect florist – perfect for you!

1. Begin looking early – If you are looking for a florist to offer his or her services at a special event, it is important that you start early. As the seasons change, the demand for flowers also changes and if you are looking at a busy time, then early is always best. Waiting to the very last minute to order flowers around the holiday season, valentines or wedding season can leave you quite frustrated.

2. Find out where your friends and family get their flowers – A good florist will have a great reputation and will therefore be recommended by those that he or she works with. By asking around, you may find that one particular name keeps popping up. Take the top 3 and plan to speak to them as soon as possible.

3. Find out their delivery area – Regardless of the florist, usually has a particular area that they serve. You need to find out what that area is and if you need your flowers delivered beyond that particular area, it may be prudent to find out if there is an extra charge for the same. It is always advisable to use a florist close to the area where your special event will be to avoid traffic snarl-up’s causing delays.

4. Visit the flower shop – Since a majority of florists offer consultations for free, you should make an appointment and visit the shop. By doing so, you will get to meet the staff and see some of the flower arrangements that they have made. This makes it possible for you to assess their work as you get ready for your own flower delivery.

5. Discuss cost – This is one of those discussions that you must have upfront. Many times the cost incurred will depend on the flowers you select and the arrangements as well. If you want them delivered beyond their service area, you may also incur a cost for delivery. Discuss any deposits to be made and when subsequent payments are due as well.

The author owns a flower shop providing flower delivery in London, Ontario services. With a passion for flowers, she exhibits extraordinary knowledge of blooms and enjoys arranging them for her various clients and the various events and occasions they need them for. For more details, visit