How to increase your website value before you sell it through SupportingAds

How to increase your website value before you sell it through SupportingAds

You have a website you are trying to sell. You probably spent thousands in designing it and then thousands in programming.
In addition to that there was the cost to market it, maintain, hosting…on and on the spending goes. And although you know
the time and money you spent on it, by now you’ve also realized that the offers you have received are far less than the actual
worth of the website.
And based on the amount you spent on developing your website and the time it took to market it, along with its current reputation,
you put it up for sale at an estimated figure that would at least give you some profit. But as it goes, the offers you are getting
from the buyers are too low which results in a big loss for your investment. Now you feel stuck because for whatever reason, you
need to sale your website!
So now what you do? Should you sell it at this low price? Or is there way to increase its value, and sell it at the price it really
worth? Good news! There is a way to increase your website’s value and in a matter of only a few days only.
But before we explain how to increase your website’s value, let’s see how website value is evaluated:

Buyers and scripts software that evaluate websites estimate their value based on traffic. The amount of traffic your website receives
is checked by external tools like Alexa Ranking. Buyers or scripts check your website’s Alexa Ranking and based on that they make
estimation to your website value. So, the more traffic your website receives the higher its value. It’s as simple as that!

Here’s a tip: a week or more before you place your website up for sale it needs a large amount of traffic which will result in a
higher Alexa Ranking. Normally, the traffic you receive today can take a week or two before it starts to show on your Alexa site info page.

“But how can I get instant traffic and at a price I can afford?”

PPC (pay per click) is the best way for instant traffic but can be costly when going through Google Adwords. However, there is a
good alternative to the Google Adwords network where you can get quality traffic in a matter of hours and at a very low cost. is the best pay per click advertising network out there! They provide a instant, high quality traffic at a very
low rate—starting as low as $0.001 per click.
So by investing $25 in advertising campaigns with , you can change the value of your website from $5,000 to as
much as $25,000; that is a huge difference in the price! Although, after gaining traffic from you’ll probably
change your mind on selling your website as the quality of traffic you will be getting from will not only increase
your website’s Alexa Ranking and value, but will also result in high sales on the products you offer on your website. It’s a win-win

all the way!
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