Motion in the laser engraving machine

Motion Control Card Introduction

MPC03-LS control card is a PC-based PCI bus digital stepper motor or servo motor control unit of the upper, with PC bodies into a master-slave control structure: PC machine interactive interface is responsible for the management and control system areas such as real-time monitoring of the work (such as keyboard and mouse of the management, system status display, control commands sent, external signal monitoring and so on), MPC03-LS Card finish all the details of the exercise control (including pulse and direction output signals , automatic take-off and landing speed of processing, such as the origin and limit of detection signals and so on). MPC03-LS block each card can be controlled 4-axis stepper motor or digital servo motor, and supports many cards are shared, in order to achieve more than 4-axis control exercise; each axis and direction can be output pulse signal to control motor operation; At the same time, external origin, deceleration, limit switch signals, etc. to achieve back to square one, protection and other functions, these switches signals from MPC03-LS card automatically detect and respond to. In addition, MPC03-LS card also provides a common I / O signal interface.

MPC03-LS card uses advanced DSP chips, with a trapezoidal and S-shaped curve of take-off and landing speed, the maximum output frequency up to 4.0MHz, with encoder feedback port, you can read real-time digital AC servo system encoder signals or other position detection equipment (such as grating ruler, etc.) of the feedback signal.

MPC03-LS is equipped with a powerful, content-rich software tools Motion control drive. MPC03-LS in the interpolation algorithm and the implementation of function exercise efficiency using a more effective way to improve the interpolation accuracy, speed and real-time interpolation. These software tools are mainly classified into a model library of software and sports two major categories. The use of MPC03-LS model software can be quickly familiar with the MPC03-LS control card software and hardware functions can be quickly and easily test the implementation of electrical and drive systems at the completion of a variety of performance characteristics at the time of exercise. MPC03-LS exercise library for the secondary development of the user as long as the use of VC + + or Visual Basic, such as DLL calls in support of the preparation of the necessary development tools user interface process and put it with the MPC03-LS sports database link, you can develop a their own control systems, such as: CNC system, testing equipment, automated production lines. MPC03-LS library of sports and be able to achieve control of the sports complex details (such as: take-off and landing speed, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, etc.), so that control systems can greatly shorten the development cycle.

Laser engraving machine industry problems

Large Format Laser Engraving previous control system mainly uses theLaser engraving machinecontrol program, which used single-chip control, and control circuit and driver circuit into one. Exist the following main questions: engraving speed low, only up to 200 mm / second, processing speed set too high there will be dislocation of the situation; cutting can only use the uniform cutting, can normally only achieve a 20 mm / second, and prone to “zigzag “;meanwhile also relatively high. Can not Satisfy customer’s requirements.

MPC03-LS solution

In order to solve the problem of dislocation of high-speed, we opened up the RAM-based, use of bitmap-pixel control, not only solved the large-format graphics treatment, and implementation in the synchronous scanning, used to exercise command and laser optical switch command combining Ways to improve the scanning accuracy, and ensure the quality of the carving.

In order to solve the high-speed cutting produce “jagged” in question, we have adopted a micro-segment inter-segment speed control technology, even if the cutting speed up to 200 mm / second will not have a “sawtooth” greatly enhance the cutting speed. At the same time, the use of PWM techniques real-time control of laser energy, so that the depth of the workpiece processing at different processing speeds are able to maintain a consistent, greatly improve the processing quality.

MPC03-LS for the specificity of the laser industry applications, optimizing the software and hardware configurations, greatly improve the laser processing equipment, the output speed and output quality. At the same time, equipment manufacturers in order to facilitate the introduction of high-performance products as soon as possible, in-depth study of laser engraving machine processing technology and features on the basis of our MPC03-LS-based control card developed a set of control system, which has the main functions:

Supporting BMP, PLT, DXF, DST (Tajima embroidery software), such as graphics image data format. System transferred to graphics, image data, can be easy layout editor (such as scaling, rotating, etc.). Output data can be layered on each floor can be the definition of output power, output speed, the output sequence, the output type (engraving / cutting), and the definition of each parameter is automatically saved. Images can be carved, and to draw vector lines, cutting and engraving, carving precision can be set. Supported array output immediately (fixed) output, analog output. Output can be “suspended,” “continue,” “manual positioning”, all output control operation can be directly received Control Panel on the operation of equipment, easy to operate. Output when there is “Let’s borders,” user-friendly features to find the location of discharge. Carving speed can reach 1500mm / s, cutting speed can reach 220mm / s, carving precision can reach 0.1mm.

Laser engraving machine manufacturers only need to use the software and MPC03-LS control card can produce high-performance laser engraving cutting equipment, greatly reducing the development cycle of new products, which greatly enhance the equipment manufacturer’s market competitiveness.

Current application and development trends

MPC03-LS control card superior performance to solve the problem of laser engraving machine for many years of technical problems, a breakthrough laser engraving machine exercise control at the bottleneck at the laser processing equipment manufacturing industry has made a tremendous impact, there are now dozens of users the use of the product, at fabric-processing, leather processing, organic glass processing, handicrafts processing industries has been widely used, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

MPC03-LS control card will closely follow the laser industry and technological progress, and continuously improve product performance, and strive to improve the laser processing equipment manufacturing industry, the level of technology.