Multiple Uses of Accident Prevention Barriers

Accidents on the highway are on the rise and not a day passes without an accident of some sort. These traffic accidents are not restricted to the highways but happen on city streets as well. Very often accidents happen when a vehicle tries to move into the adjacent lane. Many collisions happen during lane-crossings, and k-rail barriers are effective in successfully preventing such lane-crossing collisions.

These barriers were first introduced in California in the 1960’s and are in common use along the west coast. Their track record in accident prevention and the number of lives saved is pretty impressive and can easily be assessed by comparing statistics for an area using these barriers with that of an area not using them.

Apart from their success in accident prevention, these barriers have found several uses in other areas as well. They are extensively used in construction sites as a safety measure. In this form, they are used to cordon off or barricade sensitive or restricted areas from unwary visitors, who may just have wandered into those zones unwittingly. These barriers are also very useful to direct the flow of vehicles and people. Placing these barriers strategically can easily guide pedestrians and vehicles on the route to take.

While originally these barriers were only made of concrete, nowadays many variations are available. The variations include plastic barriers and water filled barriers. These modern variants of the original k-rail have made these barriers very portable. Thus, they can be moved to where they are required quickly. It is also easy to rearrange these barriers depending on fluctuating traffic flows. Adding to the portability is the introduction of the mini k-rails. These barriers are designed with an upward slope. When a vehicle hits the slope, it is automatically pushed back into the lane from which it came and does not cross-over into the next lane. If the vehicle crosses over into the next lane that could wreak chaos, as the next lane could be one of traffic coming from the opposite direction. In such a situation the vehicle could trigger off a whole chain of accidents. It is here that these barriers have proved to be the most useful.

The utility of these barriers has multiplied manifold by their use as road dividers, perimeter protection or as protection from heavy equipment. Their contribution to traffic safety and lives saved is simply incomparable.

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