Are Natural Cosmetics Safer And Gentler?

“Recent studies have shown that the women who use makeup on a daily basis are absorbing more than two kilos of chemicals a year into their bodies.”

When it comes to skincare and cosmetics, it’s important to consider what you are applying on your skin. Many women may have sensitive skin which will then result in allergy, pimples and many other skin problems. The three top reasons for consumers to buy natural cosmetics are that they don’t contain chemicals, they are gentler on the skin and they are ecologically friendly & chemical free. Here are some few things to look for when using cosmetics for skin care in your beauty routine…

“Natural” And “Organic”

Natural skin care products are really great for your skin with safer formulas. Ingredients like cocoa butter, Aloe Vera, grape oil, avocado oil, sunflower seed oil and sesame oil are all-natural, completely safe and wonderful for your skin.

Organic beauty products have become more popular in the market place to balance cosmetic needs with protecting the environment. Some of the ingredients in organic makeup can include oats, beer, goat’s milk, honey, maple syrup and coffee etc. These products are even more effective than traditional products that contain bi-products.

Parabens, PEG’s And Other Dangerous Ingredients

Be sure to check the labels because even the products that are labelled as natural or plant based may also contain the dangerous ingredients. The ingredient called “parabens” is almost included in all conventional beauty products and has been linked to cancer and hormone disruption.

Other common ingredients included in inorganic skin care products are PEG’s which also have been linked to cancer. They mess with skin’s natural moisture factor which can increases the look of aging on your skin.

Little Bunny

Lot of companies are still needlessly testing their products and ingredients on animals. So, always check the label for a bunny logo which indicates that the product is cruelty free. Cruelty free means that the product was not tested on any animals, which shows a lot about the standard of the brand and the company.

Overall Effectiveness

Natural and organic skin care remedies brought from the earth have been effective for many years. These are all the things you need to make your skin remain healthy and shine.

Brand Values

If you are switching to natural products for first time, it is recommended to look for the brand websites to know their pros and cons. This way, you can get some knowledge about how the brand sources their ingredients and philosophy on each product and what has going on behind the product’s brand value.

Check out some of the natural beauty blogs that review the latest in natural skincare and cosmetics. Stick to natural and enjoy the benefits!

The author of this article is currently working as an Educator for Professional Organic Skincare Brands. She is now sharing her knowledge on natural cosmetics and organic makeup for healthy skincare and to explore the personal beauty. Visit for more details.