How to Pick the Right Diamond Pendant? Here are 4 Tips

A beautifully crafted diamond pendant is necessary for an elegant look. Even a minimalistic diamond pendant would suffice to create a style statement. Any woman would fancy wearing a diamond pendant and flaunt confidently. There’s myriad of designs, shapes and styles of diamond pendants at leading jewelry store, you’d be spoilt for choice. Thinking of gifting it to someone? These tips will help you find the right pendant for her:

1. Shape:

If you have a shape or design idea in mind, chances are there’ll be a diamond pendant for you. There’ll be an abundance of diamond pendants in several shapes available at Albuquerque jewelers. From the classic solitaire shape to the trendy geometric shapes, there’s countless number of diamond pendant shapes.

2. Style:

Do you prefer trendy or traditional? Trends come and go, so you’ll have to be more cautious while choosing old, trendy options. Or, if you prefer a traditional style, a classic solitaire pendant is a good choice. If you’re looking to gift a pendant, think about the way she dresses and the kind of lifestyle adopted by her. Take a peek at her jewelry collection and understand her taste. This way, you can narrow down your search and discover something she’s going to love.

3. Size:

Size doesn’t matter much. Even though it matters to some people, most women would really appreciate your thoughtfulness in the first place. Go for a pendant with a halo or cluster setting. Whichever size you choose from an Albuquerque diamond jeweler, ensure that the quality of the diamond is satisfactory and authentic.

4. Cut & Setting:

Irrespective of your budget, the cut of the diamond is another aspect you need to consider. A solitaire, pave or a halo set diamond can be very eye popping. Then again, keep her style and preferences in mind before making a choice. If you find it hard to choose the right piece, you can get the assistance of an expert Albuquerque diamond jeweler.

A perfect diamond pendant represents her taste. Whichever style of diamond pendant you choose, find one she’d be comfortable with. Above all that, she would indeed be happy to know that you care for her enough to offer an exquisite piece of diamond jewelry.

The author is presently working in a leading jewelry store in Albuquerque for over 4 years. He shares some useful tips for readers with regards to choosing the right diamond pendant from a recognized Albuquerque diamond jeweler. Visit for more.