Prepare Your HVAC for winter with Preventive Maintenance

What’s the weather outside right now? It’s in the mid 80’s or 90’s temperature, right!. But take a look at your calendar, winter will hit us soon in only a few weeks. With winter weather upon us, November is the right time to think about heating system maintenance.

Why November Is an Excellent Time for Heating Maintenance?

It’s Easy to Schedule an Appointment: Once the winter starts, HVAC repair experts in Las Vegas will be busy with emergency calls to repair failed heating systems. You might face a problem arranging a convenient date for your heating maintenance visit. So it’s better to contact them before the winter hits.

Prevention is better than Cure: The seasonal changes are unpredictable and you never know when the emergency occurs. So it’s a wise idea to have a heating system maintained before the official start of winter.

Have Repairs and Maintenance Done in Time: Your HVAC technician won’t discover any repair issues during the maintenance visit. But unfortunately, if some repair arises and that requires scheduling a separate repair, you’ll be glad that you arranged for heating maintenance early.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Have a look at this maintenance checklist for your HVAC system to help prevent emergency breakdowns and to ensure that your furnace is operating properly, safely to its full capacity.

Tip #1: Make sure there is nothing easily inflammable next to your HVAC system.

Tip #2: Change and clean the AC filters on a regular basis. The 3 main issues most homeowners come across with dirty filters are:

– Restricted air flow
– Reduced efficiency
– Overheated heat exchanger

Tip #3: Wash your electrostatic and electronic filter twice a month

Tip #4: Check that your thermostat is on the correct heating mode.

Tip #5: Take a close look at your air filters. If you have not replaced your air filter lately, it’s the right time to call a HVAC repair expert in Las Vegas to repair/replace your air filters. A new air filter will increase indoor air quality and also increases energy efficiency of your system.

Tip #6: Get your HVAC system tuned up by a professional in the fall, before you need it. As a homeowner, you should have the system inspected in the fall to best prepare it for the demands of winter.

Importance of Winter HVAC Maintenance Program

– Ensure safety and comfort of your home.
– The program maintains your warranty
– Efficient functioning of your HVAC system
– Can help reduce your energy bills
– Can prevent costly repairs when problems are caught early
– Protects your HVAC system and extends performance

The demand for HVAC systems increases as winter sets in. Therefore, you should always have your system inspected by a licensed HVAC repair expert in Las Vegas.

Say Goodbye to ever increasing energy bills this winter by following the above mentioned tips! Winter is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to contact a heating and air conditioning repair expert in Las Vegas!

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