How To Prevent Water Leakage In Basements

The greatest rival of a basement is water. Water can find its way to seep through the walls or leak through the windows and somehow damage our belongings. Not to mention how the formation of mold can cause destruction easily. The repairs following it can be tedious and seeing your possessions damaged is a heartbreaking sight. To prevent that from happening, follow these 5 essential tips suggested by basement waterproofing experts in NJ:

1. Landscaping:

Make the ground around your house sloped to an extent that the water drains away from the foundation all the way to the drainage channel. When it comes to landscaping, use fresh soil to make the ground inclined away from the foundation. Planting grass can be helpful to keep the soil intact, therefore preventing soil erosion during a rainy season.

1. Maintain Clean Gutters:

Another reason for water leaks is clogged gutters, which leads to pooling of water around the foundation. Make sure to clean the gutters by removing debris such as tree leaves or other accumulated wastes. Installing downspout extenders to drive the water away from the foundation is also a good idea.

2. Install Patio Drainage Systems:

Raindrops that fall on soil simply seep into the ground, but this isn’t the case when they fall on driveways covered with concrete. If the driveway slopes towards your house, it is highly likely that the rainwater flows and accumulates around the foundation of your house.

3. Don’t Plant Trees Near your House:

Planting large trees near your house is a bad idea because its roots can grow and cause cracks in the walls of your basement. This further leads to water seeping into the basement. The rule of thumb is to plant larger trees about 20 feet away from the foundation. In case of smaller trees and shrubs, plant them 10 to 15 feet away from the foundation.

4. Waterproof your Basement:

The most effective way to prevent basement water leaks is waterproofing it. If you come across problems such as cracks on walls, contact the waterproofing experts right away before water accumulates to make the cracks bigger. You can also apply either hydraulic cement or a waterproof sealer.

Wait no more and start your preparations to protect your basement from water leaks. Get in touch with a professional basement waterproofing service in NJ to examine the conditions and see what they can do to prevent leakage.

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