How Do Private Jet Flights Differ from Airlines? – A Comparison

Private jet charters provides a luxury travel experience that is certainly a part of the appeal. Do you know what drives most customers to fly privately? Of course, its flexibility  factors!

Most of the people are vague about how private jet flights differ from airlines. We have listed a few fun and comfortable things you can do on a private flight that you cannot even think of while taking a commercial airline flight. No time to waste, let’s begin!

No Fixed Time to Take Off

Do you want to take off early for a breakfast meeting or fly back late to avoid an overnight stay? With private jet charter services in New Jersey, you can take off when you want to, and this option doesn’t come handy when you take a commercial airline flight.

Park Right Outside

Flying on a commercial airline flight pushes you for lengthy transfers to your car, but with a private jet, there is no need for long transfers and you can park your car right outside or even drive right up to the aircraft steps.

Shake Hands with Your Crew

In a commercial airline flight, the cockpit door is kept closed for security reasons. In a private flight, your captain and crew welcome you on board with a broad smile, and you can engage in a talk during the flight or visit the cockpit.

Fly Into More Remote Places

In airlines, their schedules are framed according to the demand and not all airports in the US are served by an airline route. While choosing a private jet flight, you can choose where to land, even in the more remote spots including islands or mountain runways.

No More Queues and Delays

Long lines and waiting times are common on commercial airlines and for most airline flights you have to check in at least two hours before takeoff. With a private jet service, you can have a different experience in which you can quickly move through and board within 15 minutes of arrival directly after immigration and security checks.

Why Leave Your Pets at Home?

With commercial airlines, carrying your cat or dog in a crate makes you worry about them throughout the journey. Whereas, on a private flight pets can travel with you in the cabin and this lessens the stress of your air travel.

In addition to these, you can also choose who you share the cabin within a private jet, eat whatever you like to have, change your plans last minute and quickly travel to your desired destination within an hour using ‘go now’ New Jersey private jet services.

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