How To Sell Something On Amazon

Selling on Amazon is fun and profitable. It’s easy as well. The only problem, however, is getting started. So, if you’d like to sell something on Amazon FBA, read further:

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA is a program wherein third party sellers can make use of Amazon’s huge fulfillment infrastructure to store, pack, and ship items to customers. FBA sellers are also eligible for Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime which means they can get their products shipped to customers in 2 days and save money on shipping. So, if you ship them a single box of 50 products to Amazon, they’ll pack and ship each of these individually to customers!

Creating an Amazon Seller Account:

You could either choose an individual account or set up a professional account for $40. If you’re planning to sell 40 items or more, it makes sense to choose the later. This is because Amazon charges $1 per delivery. So, if you have 40 items to sell, you might as well pay the $40 upfront. You will then have to enter seller information, including name, address, display name, and charge method (credit card or otherwise). You’ll then be sent a code via phone call or text message; verifying this code will complete the process.

Choosing Items to Sell on Amazon:

Choosing the right items to sell on Amazon is an important decision. You can either spend hours analyzing the Amazon website to look for best Amazon products or get sophisticated software like Oaxray to do the job for you. Oaxray is a Google Chrome browser extension that helps users make sourcing decisions. It shows what products are bad and those that are worth buying. Users can save their items and come back later to purchase. IT also helps users choose deals that are viable.

Listing Items on Amazon:

Choose Inventory, click on Add Product. If you are a manufacturer choose ‘Create Product.’ If not, search for the product you’re trying to sell by entering the barcode or product name. Enter information like the price you’re planning to sell, the condition of the item, and if you’d prefer Amazon to ship it for you i.e. Amazon FBA. When describing the condition of the product, be as honest as you can. A negative review can make it very difficult for you to sell things in future.

Convert Items Into Fulfillment By Amazon:

Choose Manage Inventory from Inventory and click on Change To Fulfillment By Amazon. You can either choose FBA label service or opt for a commingled inventory. The former is safer and saves you time on labeling.

Creating an Amazon FBA Shipping Plan:

Enter the Ship From address and packing type. If you’re selling an individual item, choose individual products. But if you’re selling a box of products, choose case-packed products.

Ship The Product To Amazon FBA

Choose Manage FBA Shipping Items from Inventory and click Continue With Shipping Plan. Enter how many units you’re sending, along with the weight and dimension. Print the labels and drop it at a local UPS

Author Bio : The Author manages Oaxray, a software tool that helps resellers find great deals and best Amazon products.