Shipping Container Monitoring – The Truth

Frustrated of not being aware of what is going on with the packages? Current shipping container tracking techniques just don’t cut it.

Container tracking, for most, signifies logging into your carrier’s container searching system and obtaining old, inaccurate data. For your Freight Forwarders and 3PLs among us, monitoring storage containers also usually means calling our carriers and logistics subcontractors together with the query that the majority of us want gone: “Where’s my accursed container?!”

Moreover, as fantastic as it sounds in Modern logistics, shipping containers nevertheless get lost, robbed and mishandled, whilst you have to stay and wish that your shipment will get to the true destination unaffected, unharmed and in due time.

Okay, not necessarily.

There’s a way to be proactive about container monitoring. To include an additional level of visibility and protection to your valuables being shipped.

What will you say if at a very low price level you could potentially equip your container – ANY container – with a state of the art container monitoring system so it might report to you what exactly is happening with it RIGHT NOW.

Visualize your container straight away telling you:
where it’s in the world
once the shipping container is handled by a crane, loaded aboard a vessel or onto a truck
if an individual goes into your container (no matter whether via the door or every other facet)
the temperature within the shipping container
when the shipping container is encountering a strong impact
… and offer you with a black box log so if anything at all comes about, you’ll know how it took place

Visualize that these reports arrive THIS MINUTE and STRAIGHT in your cellphone.

Envision that this impressive, revolutionary shipping container tracking would be valued Significantly less THAN $40 PER SHIPMENT!

Consider, if you’re a freight forwarder/3PL, you could give your consumers a shipping container tracking service and get much more revenues and differentiation for the organization! Imagine that this service would require NO IT expenses, NO set up, and you also could begin tomorrow morning!

This really is the way you do your container tracking from nowadays:

You wish to get to know, immediately, a compact gadget termed AGAM-1.
AGAM-1 is definitely a very little and nifty gadget, a fruit of in depth discipline analysis and testing, that seems to be and installs precisely like a shipping container vent (yes, it is INVISIBLE on the container).
Now as soon as you have it, all you could have to complete is to insert ordinary AA batteries, then replace a regular vent with AGAM-1 (a 2-3 minutes endeavor), and that is it.

In case you are implementing reefer containers, AGAM-R is your option.
AGAM-R operates precisely the same, but installs above the reefer container doors.

Each AGAM-1 and AGAM-R container monitoring gadgets report straight to cell phones, no program or IT integration is required, and commands in easy language making use of typical text messages / SMS. As an example, if you’d like to temporarily turn off AGAM-1’s intrusion sensing capabilities, just text “disarm intrusion” to your own gadget.

There exists one word of caution though, so heed cautiously: as soon as you start working with AGAM-1 and move into the future of tracking containers, you cannot go back to being blind.

I’m Choppy, and I also used to have a hard time with tracking my containers. Today, with Loginno’s AGAM-1, I definitely am safe and sound with my goods EACH AND EVERY TIME.

Are you annoyed of your container visibility? Would you like to know how you can do container tracking very easily?

Finally, the magic of true container tracking is exposed. Just click here to check out easy methods to very easily track containers.