Step into the World of Stained Concrete

Going with the current trend, there’s so much focus on organic designs and durability, no wonder stained concrete floors have become extremely popular these days.

Acid stained concrete floors present you with exclusive flooring that is eye catching, economical and easy to maintain. Staining can portray a lush sense of opulence that no other coloring medium can impart. The results are stunning and will transform the area lending it a chic and classy appeal.

But the project is not as easy as you imagine because you need professionals who are qualified in this field to get a thorough job done. In this way the probable issues will be taken care of in a proper manner and be kept minimal.

Stained concrete normally is of two kinds namely water -based acrylics and acid-based chemical staining. Majority of the acid-stains are comprised of a blend of metallic salts that are acid soluble, water and hydrochloric acid. They stain by going deep into the surface and chemically reacting with the lime that is hydrated in concrete. Once the chemical reaction occurs, it is transformed onto an eternal portion of the concrete and will never ever chip, fade or peel off easily. The normal tones of acid staining include earthly colors like terracotta, brown, tans and light blue greens.

You can choose whatever kind of staining you want depending on whether the flooring is old or new concrete. Good news is that acid stained concrete have exceptional ultra violet resistance and durability that makes it ideal for indoors as well as outdoors. So be it a patio, walkway or family room, you need to stain, excellent results can be guaranteed. Stained concrete can even be tried on vertical exteriors like fireplace surroundings and even walls.

Concrete stains are easily adaptable permitting you to acquire your dream appearance within your budget. Staining allows you to add just the perfect tinge, bold designs and custom graphics too. You can let your imagination run wild with stained concrete.

Most stains are translucent in nature, their main aim being projecting rather than camouflaging surfaces. So they are not suitable if your aim is camouflaging blemishes or cracks on the existing floor. Neither will they cover the underlying shade or mask the surface texture. So it is not advisable to get concrete staining done on a floor that has considerable cracks or stains.

Go ahead and try out this new trend in concrete staining that is sure to be an instant hit regardless of whether you try it in your home or office.