Surveillance cameras – Which One is Right for you?

Protection of home and personal possessions are much easier nowadays thanks to the introduction of technologically advanced home surveillance systems. Most homeowners now install CCTV Cameras on their premises to effectively prevent theft and other crimes. Surveillance Cameras that meet the specific requirements of the users are now available for affordable prices. The compact, sophisticated and cost-effective home security equipments have a lot of amazing features. Those who intend to buy the home surveillance system today have multiple options. The outdoor security camera forms the first layer of protection for the home, the valuables inside the home and those who reside there. The outdoor surveillance system ensures to provide real time intimation about someone entering the premises remotely through a computer or Smartphone and record the same digitally for later reference.

According to the surveys conducted in various cities, there is an overall decrease in crime rates as a result of the installation of the home security systems by homeowners. However, the effect of these cameras in reducing crime depends on how they are installed, maintained and monitored.

DVR for personal home surveillance: The digital video recorder is now widely used for home surveillance. Those who purchase the DVR surveillance systems for their homes should ensure that they are provided with door and window sensors as well fire sensors. The system must be accessible to the user through cell phone as well as internet and can be remotely controlled. The system should provide emails and text alerts. The digital video recorder must raise an alarm immediately when a window or door is opened and before the intruder enters inside. It must also raise an alarm when smoke or fire is detected within the premises.

Choosing the right camera for home security: Before choosing the surveillance cameras, the buyers must be clear about the overall light condition of the premises. The selection is very easy if the area is bright always. However, if there is a dim light environment one must be careful while choosing the right security camera. It must be a day and night alternative with a maximum light sensitivity rating of 1 Lux. Another aspect to consider is whether the equipment is for indoor or outdoor. Many outdoor devices can be used indoors also but, indoor devices cannot be used outdoors. Wireless cameras can be easily kept anywhere where as for wired ones a lot of wires may have to be laid causing inconvenience. Cost of wire and wiring charges are additional expenses. Those who want their devices to have only one specific view can opt for a standard fixed camera, but those who require a swivel and zoom features may go for the PTZ (Pan – Tilt – Zoom) type.

The CCTV Cameras are available in a variety of types and one has to choose the one that ensures to meet the video surveillance requirements of the home. IP Cameras provide a cost-effective solution for video surveillance. The IP system enables recording of the video that can be monitored remotely.

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