How to survive a kitchen renovation?

When you are about to begin a kitchen renovation, you need to make some alterations so that you can make do without a fully functional kitchen. Though things wouldn’t be very convenient, with proper planning you can somehow manage your normal household activities. The following tips would help you to simplify the whole process.

– In Western Sydney, kitchen renovation work occupies the whole of your kitchen and you cannot always rely on restaurants. You would have to pack lunches for kids or brew early morning coffee now and then. Thus, it is best to reserve a place anywhere like your garage, basement and workroom to make a kitchen stand-in.

– With cooking and eating routine in disorder, you cannot cook challenging meals. Prepare simple meals that would not require much time and resources. Hence, you can stash away the least used kitchen appliances.

– With your usual dish washing area unavailable, you might be tempted to use bathtubs and outdoor hose. But instead, you can avoid dirty dishes by using recyclable plates, cups and utensils.

– In Western Sydney, kitchen renovations can be very stressful and overwhelming. In reality remodeling setbacks can wear your patience thin. Stay away from taking emotional decisions and avoid arguments. Kids could also get irritated by the sudden change of routine. Thus, make them more involved by including them in your planning process and by allotting age-appropriate remodeling responsibilities for them.

– Kitchen renovation professionals, take all the required precautions to maintain the work area and its surroundings a safer place. However, be extra cautious to stay your children and pets out of the harm’s way. Introduce your children to all the workers so that they can know who are allowed in the house and what they are supposed to do. It is best not to allow your pets near the construction area. If it is difficult to keep the working area restricted, then arrange for a sitter or a care-taking facility for them.

– Cover what you cannot remove like the floor and window for protection. By making use of plastic taping and sheets, you can shut your doorways, bookshelves and electronic equipment. Some contractors would readily do this for you. You can also rent a large dumpster so that the crew can get rid of all the debris by the end of the day.

Keep your mind calm and remember that this short time of inconvenience can bring years and years of kitchen bliss.

The author has been working as an interior designer for the past 10 years in Western Sydney. She has written various articles on kitchen renovation in Western Sydney. To know more, visit