Switch to a Cost Effective and Environment Friendly Packaging Technique

Environment Friendly Packaging








A recent research report states that, “Using an environmental friendly food packaging material free from chemical additives can slow down the growth of fungi and doubles the shelf-life of perishable foods like bread.” By switching from a conventional to green packaging solution, companies can reduce their carbon footprints as well as their transportation and warehousing costs.

Key Factors of Environmental Friendly Packaging


Stronger and stiffer packaging materials promote sustainability while reducing product damage and waste.


To make transportation and distribution more efficient, lighter packaging is necessary. Incorporating just a few grams of weight reduction in packaging supplies can quickly add up for both the environment and the bottom line.


Eco-friendly wholesale packaging supplies are sourced and manufactured from high-quality packaging raw materials free from chemicals. These products can be reused and recycled to reduce overall costs and environmental impacts simultaneously.

Efficient Processing

Green packaging materials offers more efficient processing that can cut down on waste and energy usage. It also increases productivity while reducing labour and materials costs.

Perks of Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions

While preserving environment is the one benefit of green packaging, it also reaps the following additional rewards.

Easy Disposal

Eco-friendly packaging materials are easy to dispose and are recyclable or compostable depending on the type of material used. Your customers can turn this packaging material into a fuel for plants if they have compost facilities. The end user can also send this packaging material to a recycling industry or they can bury since they will biodegrade within a short period of time.

Highly Versatile

Green packaging materials find their usage in a majority of industries, who require eco-friendly packaging to pack their goods like,

– Baked goods
– Meats,
– Cosmetics
– Hospitality items
– Electronic devices

Builds Your Brand

Using environmental friendly packaging solution increases your brand image when your clients learn you use eco-friendly resources that benefits them and environment. This great exposure to your brand image, improves sales and profits.

Recyclable Eco-friendly Packaging Materials and Identification Codes

– PET – Polyethylene terephthalate
– HDPE – High-density polyethylene
– LDPE – Low-density polyethylene
– PP – Polypropylene
– PS – Polystyrene
– PC – Polycarbonate

Selecting the right packaging material for your products can be confusing and quiet difficult at times. But it’s important to draw the attraction of your customers and maintain your reputation among them. So, switch to an environment friendly packaging solution that preserves the environment, your products and business!

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The author is an environmental enthusiast associated with an eco-program that analyses and frames different solution for the sustainable growth of environment. He writes about green electricity, packaging solutions, renewable energy and more.