The Easiest, Most Efficient And Most Flexible Solution For Time Tracking

The online company that supplies the time tracking software assures the customers the best as well as most reliable after sales service besides supplying the highly efficient and easy-to-use application. One can set up the application within seconds and there is nothing to install. Having this efficient and reliable timesheet management software, the employers can concentrate their attention on their work without worrying about hours and costs monitoring. Since the application does not require installation the users need not waste instances to read and understand the manuals. The software offers the easiest method for hours tracking.

Just a single click is enough to trace. This program is accessible from the web browser, mobile phone and desk top. Hence one can take care of the task from anywhere using this program. With the click of a button, it provides start and stop timers. Also, the hours and minutes can be easily and quickly typed on the weekly sheet. The greatest feature of this application is that using it one can watch hours and minutes anytime anywhere, on PC, MAC, iPhone or Android.

Awesome features: The time tracking software can be used to automatically remind the employees regarding submission of time sheets. The program also enables desktop time entry. It is to be downloaded, the user has to sign in and take care of the intended task in the easiest way. It provides a powerful method of reporting. It ensures efficient distribution of time across the employees and the projects. The software has filters that highlight billable and non-billable hours. Another great advantage is that the reports can be exported to Excel, Google Drive, CSV, etc.

It facilitates fast, easy and accurate billing. The user may create an invoice that will automatically pull in the hours and expenses. The program retrieves and organizes all the billable hours. It offers a web-based solution for time tracking. Using this software one can monitor resources, project hours, sick leave, extra hours, credit card payments and expenses incurred.

Highly flexible: The software for this purpose takes care of every aspect of time sheet management. It ensures compliance of statutory regulations. The user can program the software for his requirements like additional hours, sick leave and various project requirements. This is one of the best time tracking and management software. The work can be done manually as well as automatically and it can be carried out by hour or by minute. This software has the most compatible design. Apart from tracking time, the software tracks other units also like project, expense, employee, contractor, group, etc. This flexibility is a great advantage for those who have independent contractors and mobile marketing staff.

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