Three Things to Know Before Buying a Granny Flat In Sydney

Granny Flat In Sydney

Undoubtedly, granny flats are growing in popularity all across Australia and finding an experienced granny flat builder in Sydney is never difficult. Like with anything else in life, you need to acquire knowledge before venturing into granny flats. The three tips below are designed to put you on the right course.

The Trade-off Between Price and Quality

We all derive great pleasure bargaining down to the last dollar possible. But, the person on the other side has the objective of getting the best deal for the company. How do you beat a balance between the two? Putting everything in writing is one way you can avoid the blues. Little things can quickly add up, therefore insist that everything is in black and white, as it’s the best way forward. For instance, new construction needs two coats of paint finish with one coat primer. If the primer does not figure in your document, potentially you will need more money. You could believe all granny flat builders in Sydney with their oral commitments, but remember a contract is different.

Information is Power

There are the larger builders and the smaller ones, who are perhaps just starting out. Obviously, the former can be less flexible and may not tow your line entirely. The smaller ones are more amenable. Where do you draw the lines and how do you make the choice. Have a set of questions to ask and consider the answers. Remember, everything has a price and if something is offered at rock bottom price, put on your glasses and read the fine print.  Do your research.

Are the Builders Licensed?

A licensed builder would mean certification from government authorities, compliance with building standards, and codes and a valid credential. Ask to seek the license, as even the digital rendering can at times be doctored. So believing in the old-fashioned paper is a wiser option. Remember that your knowledge of the nitty-gritty associated with building construction may be limited. However, that should not translate to you holding a fragile contract that has too many “if’s” and “but’s” or other infirmities. You have a right to ask relevant questions and get the clarifications you need. Speaking to a friend or a neighbor who has recently employed Sydney granny flat builders will fill your knowledge bank with many useful inputs too.

The writer is one of the most successful granny flat builders in Sydney. He passes his wealth of knowledge in building these flats, villas, high rise residential and more in his free time.