Tips to Get Your Yard Ready for Winter

It’s almost halfway through September and in most parts of the country, the weather has turned. It’s the time the leaves begin to fall and the weather becomes chilly. Fall is the right time for homeowners to prep the yard for winter.

Give your lawn a fresh start with these easy clean up tips:

Keep on Mowing

Continue watering and mowing your lawn throughout the fall season. Mowing allows more sunlight to reach the head of the grass and there will be less leaves to wither and to turn die during the winter.

Aerate the Soil

Fall is the right time to aerate your lawn so that water, oxygen, and fertilizer can easily reach the plant’s root. If you have a very large yard – that’s more than an acre and don’t feel like aerating it yourself, hire an experienced landscaping contractor.

Rake the Leaves

Paths, driveways and roofing areas should be regularly raked to prevent slips and falls. Either you can hire a junk pickup to get rid of the raked leaves or use them to mulch the flower beds.

Prune Dead and Damaged Branches

Fall is the right time to remove dead or damaged branches, trees and shrubs, as you don’t want winter or storms to bring those damaged branches on your roof.

Plan Your Landscaping

If you wish to make any changes on your current landscaping, make a drawing of your lawn demonstrating the trees, shrubs and plants you’d wish to add. Also, it’s always a better idea to consult with a gardener before making a final decision.

Decorate for the Upcoming Festivals

Fall is the right time to think of festivals! Yeah…Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. are just around the corner, so clean your backyard, remove all of the junk and draw attention to your landscape with lightning.

So you’ve just spent all day out in the yard, pruning, cleaning and landscaping. Your yard looks great! Still, you have piles of raked leaves and other junk, detracting the look of your yard from all the work you’ve just done. Don’t worry! Hiring an experienced junk removal service provider will be the right choice for you.

You can count on Junk Removal in MN to restore the look of your yard and take your hassle away.

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