Tips To Increase The Lifetime Of Wooden Fences

Fence adds great value to your property. They offer you privacy so that you can spend some quality time with your family in the backyard and keep your children/pet safe within a confined space. If you are looking for an affordable, durable, adaptable and eco-friendly option, it is best to have a wood fence installation in Atlanta, GA. It is also available in a variety of styles and material types. However, you need to spend some time on upkeep so that it stays in a good condition over the years. Follow the instructions given below when you have wooden fencing in Atlanta.

Choose the materials and the hardware carefully

Choose appropriate materials that can resist decay and rot effectively. Also, ensure that the wood is pressure-treated so that it can withstand bugs and moisture. The selection of the hardware is also important to increase the lifespan of your fence. Galvanized and stainless steel hardware are considered best because they don’t rust or bend easily. If you have any doubts regarding this, get suggestions from your fence installers.

Sealants and paint

After some period of time, wood might twist or split as it is dried. In 5-8 years, the result could be even severe. So just like you would apply waxing to your car, protect the wooden fence with sealants, especially if you are not painting it. If you are painting it, you need to re-paint or stain your fence once in every few years. However, the required frequency depends on the type of the climate. If you are living in a rainy region, you would have to repaint often. Basically, when the water no longer beads on the surface, consider it as a sign to apply a protecting agent.

Cut away vines and shrubs

In Atlanta, fence companies recommend trimming the growth of plants around the fencing as they would only weigh down on it. Other than that, they can also retain moisture and could make your fence rot faster.

Keep the fencing away from water

Water would accelerate wood decay and deteriorate its lifespan. Though you might have applied water sealants beforehand, it is advised to avoid water contact as much as possible. Though, you cannot protect them against rainfall, you can place the sprinklers far enough so that the water wouldn’t reach the fence.

Look out for loose nails

If you happen to notice, any nails coming out, replace them with new ones. Also, do the same if they have begun to rot.

These simple tasks would surely increase the lifetime of the fence.

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