These Tips will make your Glass Shower Screen look as good as new

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Once a glass shower screen is installed, a common question asked by most owners is how they can maintain them effectively. While glass shower screens require minimal maintenance, that doesn’t overshadow the fact that regular cleaning keeps them in top shape. Here are some simple yet essential tips for you to clean and maintain your valuable glass shower screens:

1. Regular Cleaning is Inevitable:

Just as with everything else, regular cleaning of your shower screen is a must. Periodical cleaning not only avoids the build-up of smut or grime, but also makes it a whole lot easier for you to remove stains and soap scum. The best way to keep your glass shower screen clean is to adopt a cleaning routine once a week. Also make sure there isn’t any deposit of minerals from water or any chemical during the process.

2. Use Essential Cleaning Products:

Buying the highest quality glass shower screen for your bathroom doesn’t mean that usage of harsh chemical substances doesn’t pose damage to the glass. So when you are shopping for a cleaning product in the supermarket, always pick the one that goes well with the glass shower screen. A safe and natural way to clean your glass shower screen is to make and apply an equal mix of water and apple cider vinegar.

3. Try Keeping the Glass Shower Screen Dry:

Alright, this might sound a bit ironic as it’s being subjected to exposure of water, but always try to keep your glass shower screen dry. It’s ideal to rinse the glass with water after usage and then wipe it with the help of a dry or soft cloth.  Proper ventilation will also help to keep the glass dry; hence using the exhaust fan for the very same purpose will do.

The one thing you need to be careful about is to prevent scratches to show up on your glass shower screen during the cleaning process. Only use soft cloths for cleaning and do not apply inexpensive cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemical ingredients.

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