TK119-W – A Brand New 3G GPS Vehicle Tracker with Multiple Advanced Features

Whether you are utilizing GPS trackers to managing your fleet or business, or keep your employees safe at work, then opting for a 3G GPS tracking devices for vehicle is an ideal option. The usage of 3G on GPS tracking devices has moved GPS tracking far beyond maps and real-time directions. It offers superior coverage on hard to reach areas, and comes with varied advanced features that wow you! If you are looking for a 3G tracking device, then you can find advancement in the mapping and reporting capability in which the 3G real-time tracking information is send to your smartphone, tablet or computer, along with pinpointed locations without any time delay.

Why TK119-W?

Shenzhen Diwei Machinery Co., Ltd.’s newest real time GPS Tracker is TK119-W, a 3G WDMA GSM, 2G compatible and GPS Wireless Modem with an internal battery, and is in a water resistant case. It gives the accurate location of your vehicle using automatic SMS with configurable intervals. These tracking devices have a wider coverage and provide a more accurate tracking result compared to 2G devices.

Product Features

– The product TK119-W uses GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA technology.
– The operating voltage of the device is between 9-72 V DC.
– GPS precise positioning with A-GPS and uploaded by GPRS regularly, Supports real-time tracking and history track playback.
– ACC status checking and vehicle status notifying.
– Can be integrated into a wide platform of customers using multiple protocol support.
– Waterproof

Alarm Features

– Power disconnect alarm
– Vibration alarm
– Low battery alarm
– 7.Built-in G-sensor
– Collision alarm
– Falling alarm
– 8.GEO-fence alarm
– Speed alarm and
– Shift alarm

The above amazing features offer expanded territory coverage, particularly for those in remote, weak signal areas. Hence, the device can be used for vehicle tracking, employee monitoring, asset tracking, and surveillance, covert tracking applications and even more. These devices also provide superior sensitivity and faster times to first fix, and are water resistant and durable. Through a backend server, these devices are also capable of both real-time tracking and periodic tracking.

Several Applications of TK119-W

– Fleet management
– Trailer management
– Workforce management
– Delivery truck dispatch
– Vehicle recovery
– Caravan security
– Heavy machinery tracking
– Logistics for temperature-controlled supply chain

GPS vehicle tracker with 3g compatibility also contain a history playback feature in which the location and tracking history of 90 days can be played back without any loss of data. It also allows you to set over speed limits and send you a text alert whenever the vehicle exceeds the limited speed.

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