Transform Your Ambience with Epoxy Flooring

Your commercial premises or factory is an area where the flooring is prone to extensive traffic that necessitates the selection of perfect flooring. Epoxy flooring is the trend these days due to many reasons that include durability, Eco friendliness and very little maintenance. This makes it a popular choice among factories and residential buildings.

Although many are familiar with the term epoxy, not everybody knows what exactly it entails. It is actually a plastic that has been catalyzed and its base is actually resin. You will come across three major kinds of epoxy flooring in the market namely epoxies with a water base, epoxies with a solvent base and 100% solid epoxy. The latter excels as far as quality and performance is concerned. Although the other two epoxies are also good enough, they cannot be thickly coated in the same manner as pure epoxies. It is the pure epoxies that are ideal for your factory floor as they are capable of very strong adhesion, offer excellent resistance to chemicals and are known for their toughness.

Other positive aspects of epoxy floors include resistance to heat, chemical reactions of alkalis and acids and even abrasions and water. The good news is that they are not poisonous when they dry up making them absolutely safe to apply even in children play regions and residential areas. Application of epoxy flooring normally requires around seven coats to ensure a well finished and glossy appearance.

It is advisable to hire professionals to get your job done if you plan to get an epoxy coating on your floor. This is absolutely important as you need experts who can prepare the coating according to precise specifications and ensure top quality workmanship as far as laying the floor is concerned. There are quite a good number of reputed firms who deal in epoxy floor coating and so ensure that you choose one of the best among them to get your job done. Make sure that they have in hand a wide range of systems and projects for you to choose from according to what will suit your area ideally. As most of these firms have online websites, you can even conduct your search online and get a couple of quotes before making the final decision. So it doesn’t matter any longer whether your factory flooring is totally damaged and needs a total revamp because all you need is to decide to go in for epoxy flooring that will clear up all your problems in one shot.

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