Ways to get visitors and generate sales through SupportingAds

Ways to get visitors and generate sales through SupportingAds
If you were not aware that the amount of traffic (website visitors) your website receives directly determines the
number of sales your website generates, then it is likely that you are making little to no sales. Whether your sales
are from tangible or intangible products, is a membership website, or revenue generated from advertising, you need
traffic to generate sales. And the more traffic you get, the more sales you make.
There are basically 2 ways to get traffic: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click). Out of the two, you
are probably wondering which is the best one to use and how do I go about using it? Well, here is a brief overview on the
ends and outs of these two methods.
Let’s begin with SEO. While SEO can be a successful method at times, its biggest drawback is that it requires so much time—3 months
to a year before results can be seen. In many cases the SEO implementation might not reach its full success rate which leaves you
spending thousands of dollars with no results. Additionally, SEO is not guaranteed to bring you any website visitors at all. And
since you pay for your advertising up front, this can be very frustrating and a waste of time and money.Even the website with a
successful SEO implementation, ranked high in Google, and who received large amounts of web traffic, as no guarantee as to how long
this success will last. It’s like playing chess with Google in that your website might be ‘checked mate’ in its ranking by Google
within a couple of months (maybe even in couple of weeks), after the SEO company completed their task and took your hard-earned money.

Meanwhile with PPC you get instant traffic, you control the amount of traffic you want to receive every day, you control your spending,
and you control your sales. The end result is that you control your entire business! This is better than the SEO method where you depend
on luck, are at the mercy of Google, and the SEO company that you hired to rank your website. Any entrepreneur who has been running their
business for any length of time at all realizes that being completely dependent on anyone for any part of their business is a sure
fire way to failure.
Now that we know PPC is the way to go in advertising our e-business, the next question is which PPC network to use? Well, there are a
couple of PPC advertising networks that you can rely on to generate traffic to your website such as Google Adwords and SupportingAds.com.
Google Adwords is good, but has LOTS of competitors buying for PPC traffic. This results in a very high PPC rate. Plus, Google Adwords is
not a user friendly method meaning that not just anyone can get their campaigns running with them. It requires an Adwords professional
to tweak your ad campaigns and their budget keywords, etc. to get your ads displayed on Google publisher networks. And even if you manage
to get your campaign active in Google Adwords, with or without an Adwords professional, you will end paying top dollar for each visitor that
clicked on your ads. An average of $10 per click in Google Adwords is average, and not all these visitors will be buyers to your product
or services.
However SupportingAds.com is easy to use, there is little competition, has a very low PPC rate—the average PPC rate at SupportingAds.com
is as low as $0.05! With SupportingAds.com you get much more visitors while spending much less money! This results in more sales to your
product or service and a very low advertising budget. With SupportingAds.com you will have more traffic which in turn will generate more
revenue to your e-business!
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