Weighing LED Lights against Traditional Incandescent Bulbs for Commercial Spaces

The perks of commercial LED lighting have long been discussed. However, if you have to go in for a change of illumination options for your workplace; you need to know how LED options are better than traditional incandescent bulbs. You might already know that using LEDs exclusively presents you with a reduction of electricity bills to a large extent as well when compared traditional technology.

Take a closer look at some of these unique aspects of comparison that show you which of the two technologies is a clear front runner.

– The Matter of Resilience

Made of sturdy materials held in the highest regard, LEDs turn out to be quite rugged making them ideal for even rough conditions. Their variation from standard lighting only adds to their popularity for they do not tend to burn out or stop working. They are resistant to shock along with vibrations and deal well when there are occurrences of external impacts. Commercial LED is an exceptional outdoor illumination option for they do not get damaged upon exposure to bad weather.

Strong winds, rain and even vandalism have little effect on them. So, whether you need to use them at a construction site or a manufacturing unit, they are sure to serve you well.

– New and Better Technology in Play

The fact that LED makes a big leap in terms of technology is a major factor that advocates its use. Fluorescent bulbs present you with a multitude of unwanted materials such as mercury that are exceedingly harmful in any environment. The upgrade from analog to digital has offered LED lights an advantage over conventional bulbs as they contain no toxic materials and are even a 100% recyclable.

The upgrade allows LEDs to present you with an increased energy efficiency of close to 80% to 90% over the conventional bulbs.

– Directing Light to Specific Areas

The new-age design offers LED better focus of its light allowing it to be directed to precise areas. You no longer need to use a peripheral reflector for higher directing efficacy as opposed to its use for traditional bulbs.

Moreover, most incandescent bulbs emit lesser output levels as time passes along with becoming less bright, cementing LEDs as the better option. They allow you to make significant energy savings with minimal effort and a lot of cost savings. This is what makes the intelligent green illumination solution that is LED; ideal for the 21st century.

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