What Makes Stained Concrete the Ideal Solution for Durable Basement Flooring?

If you have a basement flooring that has been damaged due to floods, it might be time to consider a change that will be long-lasting and stable. Basement floors are bound to get damaged during the course of their life. Since it is the lowest part of a home, the excessive rain water is bound to find its way in the basement and cause some ruins to the flooring. If your basement is covered with carpet or wood, it will get ruined in the water. If you have tiles or vinyl on the floors, the continuous water will cause it to trigger a delamination process and it will get unglued from the concrete floor. If the concrete has gotten damaged with the nails of the carpet, you can coat it with polymer modified concrete and make it ready for concrete staining.

Stained Concrete for Basements

If you are looking for a durable solution for the basement floors, you can opt for staining with acid-based stains or water-based stains. The water-based stains are environment-friendly and provide extra benefits for your home. After staining the concrete, it is sealed with a coating that protects the floors from water and molds. This also helps keep the floor clean and protective from allergens that might come in the case of carpets. The best part about stained concrete floors is that they can be customized to add a design element to the floors. Lines can be created in the concrete floors to give an effect of tiles. One can also opt for patterns using a vinyl stencil on the floor. You can also use multiple colors for stains, giving your flooring the beauty of marbles and durability of concrete.

Beauty within Your Budget

One of the best qualities of stained concrete is its ability to replicate the look of other materials like natural stone, marbles and granite at the cost of concrete. This helps you to create a new look in your basement without spending too much money on the change. If you want to create a high-end look for your basement, this is your best option as it comes with a budget-friendly price tag and lasts a long time, making it a worthwhile investment.

If you need to redo your basement flooring, consider hiring a professional for the job to get excellent quality and best consultation on the materials and finish as per your needs.

The author of this article explains how stained concrete can do wonders on your basement flooring. Keep reading.