Why the Christmas & New Year Season is a good time for selling a business

The Misconception: – Many Vendors feel it’s the wrong time of the year to sell their business. The reason behind the assumptions is that Purchasers are preoccupied with holiday plans; travelling, family and time off work etc.

In the nine and half years that I have been broking each year historically from October through to February has been our busiest months. We know (through experience) that many purchasers are on holidays or who have travelled interstate during the holiday season have the time to investigate businesses. In fact, I have personally experienced purchasers who have engaged me to help them research business, schools, property, transport and suburbs to help them make their interstate transition and business purchase as smooth as possible.

The Shortage: – The feedback we receive from Purchasers (on a regular basis) is that there are plenty of businesses on the market to choose from, and that it’s a “Buyers Marketing”, that maybe true, unfortunately what is sadly lacking in the market are quality businesses for sale. There is a shortage of quality businesses on the market to meet the needs of the purchasers. A quality business on the market today could realise a premium price, because of the shortage in the market. If there were more quality businesses listed for sale this could help swing the market to a “Sellers’ Market”. You’ve heard of Supply and Demand?

What type of businesses I hear you ask?

  • Transport
  • Wholesale-business to business, 5 days
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Quality Cafes
  • Super Markets
  • Child Care Centres
  • Service Stations

Many Benchmark specialist brokers throughout our state offices will be working through these key months and will be contactable via phone or email.

Ian Salter

Franchise Specialist Business Broker

Author Bio:

Ian Salter started with Benchmark Business & Commercial Sales in 2005, as a “general” business broker. In 2010 Ian was responsible for establishing the specialist ‘Franchise Sales Division’ of Benchmark, where he is the team leader. This role sees Ian managing and mentoring a sales team of specialist franchise brokers. Ian is happy to take the time to talk to potential buyers and sellers about how he can use his experience and understanding to assist them through the complex process – and make things easier for everyone.