Why You Should Have a Business Mentor

Have you been struggling in your network marketing business and feeling all alone?That initial business meeting, you remember, the one where all the big shots from the company came and did a big presentation, all dressed in flashy Armani suits. They made it sound so easy and appealing you thought, wow, these guys really have their act together. How can I fail with a business mentor like this?

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A business mentor is an individual who possesses several years of experience in the entrepreneurial arena and is capable of guiding others with their business ventures. This person becomes your trusted confidante as you maneuver your way through the ups and downs of your business. This mentorship may last for several months or years depending on the type of counsel you’re seeking.

Business mentoring services are usually provided free of charge as a means of giving back to the community at large.Benefits of Having a Business Mentor.Having a business mentor can significantly transform the way you conduct business. Building such relationships will help you:Learn from your mentor’s past mistakes. Your mentor has achieved his high ranking business status due to mistakes made in the past. He may have made decisions without having a clear idea of what direction he should take.

Everyone in business should consider having access to a volunteer business mentor. Someone who has “been there, done that” and is willing and able to share their wisdom with you on an ongoing basis. Working with a business mentor is particularly useful when starting a new business or looking to grow a business in a down economy. An experienced mentor can not only offer useful guidance on a range of business management issues, but s/he can be a valuable sounding board for testing out new ideas or hashing over periodic business challenges.

Provide you with emotional support. You’re no longer in a job setting where you take orders from a boss. Therefore, you’d have no one to turn to for advice on what’s your next task. Now that you’re a business owner, the ball is in your court. Although you’re alone, your entrepreneurial journey does not have to be desolate. Your mentor can fill the gap by providing you with emotional support. If you require a second opinion on a matter, he can provide you with the clarity required to move forward.

Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) also offer access to no-cost experienced business mentors across the United States. SBDCs operate through academic institutions and state economic development agencies. In addition to no-cost consultation, SBDCs also offer low-cost training in a variety of business disciplinary areas.

Corporations are also making it possible for their employees to volunteer their time to mentor people looking to start and grow business ventures. This avenue of mentoring may be particularly useful where the volunteer mentor offers access to a broad industry-specific network or certain technology solutions that can help an up and coming entrepreneur tap new markets or operate more efficiently. MicroMentor, a nonprofit agency, is one example of this type of no-cost business mentoring. By visiting MicroMentor, you can search profiles of available mentors and work with one or multiple mentors to help you start and grow your venture.

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