A Preview Of Catholicism And Fundamentalism

The rise of Protestantism has exposed the Catholic Church to constant criticism centuries after Christianity split. This has seen loop-sided debates and attacks from non-Christians and Christian fundamentalists alike. Catholicism and Fundamentalism is an attempt to provide answers and redirect the attack. It provides insights into Catholic theology, rituals and actions over the years. The book also seeks to wade off attack from bible Christians who hold the view that everything must have its basis in biblical text.

Keating is eager to provide answers that have not been forthcoming from church hierarchy. These answers regard theological stands and actions that are not expressly provided in the bible. This has brought out the rise of a group of people referred to as bible Christians. This is a group of Christians who insist that everything done by any Christian based church must have its genesis in either the Old or New Testament.

The history of Roman Catholic Church has remained a crucial determinant of rites and doctrines. These doctrines and rites are not indicated in the bible and form a common point of attack. A recurrent attack points is the selection and authority of the pope. The author provides a simplified answer with authoritative texts drawn from the bible. The answers will pacify any doubting soul.

The attacks on Roman Catholics and their Church cannot be sustained unless there exist coordinated and well funded underground machinery. This is one of the concerns addressed by the author. Keating has exposed well funded and influential individuals and organizations whose target is to bring down the Rome based outfit. Their campaigns, strategy meetings and funding details are included in this book. According to the author, this is a justification that the attacks are not genuine but based on ulterior motives.

It is not lost on observers that the attacks on Roman Catholic faith have also been coming from Christian fundamentalists. They are commonly referred to as bible-Christians because they belief that everything must emanate from the bible. The author has provided a blow to blow account of all rites and doctrines and their scriptural grounding.

Karl Keating does not address non-Christians and non-Catholics alone. The author provides useful insights to help Catholics in their catechism and spiritual growth. This will prevent the mass exodus witnessed in recent years that has been caused by failure to understand their faith as opposed to existing faults. This makes the book a must read for every aspiring good Catholic.

Karl makes a commendable case for the Catholic Church. Readers who have picked the book admit that it was an eye opener for them. Every assertion made has been substantiated. This is a major mark of credibility and explains the popularity of the title since its release decades ago.

Karl Keating uses very simple language and imagery to present arguments that would be considered as complex. This has endeared the book to the common reader despite handling very intricate global issues. The trips back in time in search of evidence provide an excellent learning experience to readers. It is an opportunity to understand the Catholic faith either as an outsider or an insider. The book has been released in paperback, hard-cover and audio at very reasonable and affordable price.

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