What is Career Counseling for the Unsettled Student?

Students meet one-on-one with a career counselor to discuss their educational and career options and explore their career-related values, interests and abilities. The sessions last up to 50 minutes.

What will happen during the first appointment?

When you get to Career Services for the first session, you will be asked to complete a form to provide information about yourself and to inform you of our policies and procedures. After the career counselor reviews your documents, you both:

 Clarify concerns you would like addressed

 Identify your interests, work values, strengths and academic weaknesses, work-related skills, and personal goals.

 determine the best course of action to help you achieve your goals

 Discuss what you can do on your own to solve your problems

 Introduce you to useful resources related to your concerns

 Give you information about NIU other resources that might be helpful

 Determine if other meetings are required

What kind of activities will I do during career guidance? During the first and / or additional career counseling sessions, you will work with your counselor to achieve your goals in several ways:

 Complete exercises and assignments related to career (during or between appointments).

 Take tests of interest and / or personality.

 Use the resources available at Career Resource Center or Internet.

 Carry out research using the Horizons NIU Major WebLinks, or other computer-career programs.

 Arrange appointment to talk with people who know the majors or careers.

 You and your advisor can identify additional ways for you to achieve your goals!


How can I help myself during the career guidance process?

Like any other form of advice, career counseling will only succeed if you engage in the process:

 Participation in all appointments you and your advisor decide are necessary

 Be open about issues that are relevant to your career concerns

 Conducting career research and complete other tasks related to the careers between appointments

 Give honest feedback to your career counselor about what is useful and what is not useful


How can I arrange an appointment and how long vocational guidance take?

Contact the Career Services at Perfect Profile to make an appointment. Some students need two or three sessions, others require more.

Who are the career counselors? Career counselors Career consulting are professionals who are aware of the concerns that students face as they explore the future trained. They are aware of the most useful resources to inform your decision making academic and career to help you make a decision that is in your best interest. Our career counselors currently have a graduate degree in psychology or counseling or receive supervision to win a graduate degree.

Are our discussions confidential? Yes. This will be explained in the form you completed prior to your first appointment. If you want to discuss more personal concerns, we will help you contact the Board Development Centre and student or other appropriate body.

How much of career guidance? Although there is no charge for appointments, there is a charge for the career tests. Please discuss this with your advisor. Want help with course selection? Although we may discuss majors, minors and NIU course we will refer you to a school counselor for NIU course selection.

Clarify common misconceptions about career guidance.

 Professional orientation are not simply “tests” that “will tell you what to do.”