Census Bureau Report Displays Surge In Poverty

A report published Tues by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that increasingly Americans are losing their fight to remain afloat in an economy that neglects to recover. According to the report, there are far more Americans living beneath the poverty line than ever before in the 52-year history of the Census Bureau records.

Been over a decade since high percentage

From 2009 to 2010, the countrywide poverty rate increased from 43.6 million individuals to 46.2 million people. About 52 years ago, reports began to be kept. We’re at the greatest rate since then. The 2010 poverty number are “approaching amounts not seen since Lyndon B. Johnson launched the War on Poverty in 1965,” states the LA Times.

The poverty rate is at 15.1 percent now, which is the same as it was in 1993.

Less income coming in

The median household income also fell. The average American made $49,445 when 2010 was over. From 2009, that is a 2.3 percent drop. The amount of Americans without medical insurance also rose to 49.9 billion. The amount of kids living in poverty rose from 20.7 percent to 22 percent.

Don’t expect things to get better

This year, the numbers will follow the same trend. Do not expect it to be better. Joblessness is at around 9 percent still while the nation had a financial rating downgrade.

A family of four could make up to $22,314 and still be under the poverty threshold last year. An individual had to make less than $11,139 annually. The Census Bureau doesn’t count food-stamp or low-income tax credits as revenue. Several people would have been over the poverty line with those counting. It also helps people to have unemployment benefits. It would push many over the line.

Could possibly be worse than numbers show

Other factors, some experts say, downplay the totality of the country’s poverty level. Young adults are considered part of their parent’s income still when they cannot discover jobs. Several experts also argue that the poverty threshold, which was intended almost fifty years ago, is irrelevant to the needs of people residing in today’s economic climate.

Bill might go through to help create jobs

President Obama is hoping to get some votes back. He has a $450 billion jobs creation bill he is pushing. Discussion over the government welfare programs is sure to rise with the report.

Poverty rate is pretty high

When compared to the developed nation, the United States has had higher poverty rates than most for quite a while. There are only three nations with higher poverty rates. This involves Mexico, Chile and Israel.

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