History Of WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE is a popular sport which is watched nowadays. Whether it is a kid or an adult everyone is interested to know about the latest happening in the ring of WWE wrestling.

Both of them later formed a Capitol Wrestling Corporation also known as CWC, which later became today’s WWE. It was 1993 when then joined the National wrestling Alliance when they gave more legitimacy to the business. It was also later joined by Vincent McMahon which made sure that a McMahon will always be at the head of the business or company. The company soon witnessed the largest booking at the National Wrestling Alliance with a significant number. After few years it began aired their first wrestling show on television.

There is no comparison of fun and excitement that you feel while watching WWE wrestling matches than watching any other sports. This has helped WWE making a lot of fans from all over the world and lot of fans still become a part of the WWE universe on a daily basis. They make sure to watch each and every match without any glitches. Kids are also found to enact their favourite superstars, they try to look like them and also dress up like them. You can find a lot of WWE products available on the market, there are a lot of wrestling products that are not only bought by the kids but also the adult fans too.

The WWE first came into existence in 1989 by its founder Vince McMahon just to avoid the taxes that were charged by the athletic commissions. It promoted their product as a sports entertainment, which provided information about the use of the products in competitive sports and dramatic theatre.

The major shares of the company are possessed by the McMahon family, in which Vince McMcahon is the chairman. Today’s WWE came into existence in the year 1980. It was then known as the Titan Sports. It later incorporated the holding company of the World Wrestling Federation in 1982. The name of the company had to undergo several changes like World Wrestling Federation in 1998, then World Wrestling Federation in 1999 and then World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002. WWE is official name for the company and all its products are branded under this name, though the legal name of the company has not been changed.

On 2002, the WWF (World Wrestling Entertainment) revealed that it was changing its company name and also the name by which it is branded as, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). It had to face many disputes due to this such as the music used, the change in funds raised etc. But the company’s main motive to change the name was to bring the viewer’s focus on entertainment. It later announced that it will not use the full name and only call itself as “WWE”. It reflected WWE’s entertainment expansion outside the ring and spreading the goal of contacting entertainment companies and getting into television, holding live events and also producing films.

WWE is a basically considered a professional wrestling entertainment. This simply means that it consists of role plays, dramas and theatrics and pure fighting. The wrestlers work out the Drama in the stage according to the story line but the fight is real, the fight is captured without retakes and cuts in between.

McMahon was later found to hire Hulk Hogan and many other wrestlers and started selling the WWF television shows to several stations and on VHS outside the north-eastern territory. WWF got a great response from the viewers and it made a lot of publicity, but they also caught up in the conflicts with the NWA and other wrestling promoters. It began happening especially when McMahon started taking wrestlers from different groups. Despite of all the chaos it was McMahon’s efforts that created the WWF which is today known as WWE or the World Wrestling Entertainment. It changed the way people enjoyed sports and made huge success in entertainment world.

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