Teaching English In Hong Kong Guide

Mastering the English language is a huge priority to the people of Hong Kong. As the business world continues to progress, so does the need for international communication skills. To keep up with rapid progress Hong Kong stresses English education and learning for everyone from childhood on up.

Yes it is and in many different fields of teaching as well. One of the main reasons that there are always teaching jobs going is the turnover of staff here. Teachers come and go in Hong Kong – linger for a while and move on – some people come for a year or two to earn their money and then move on to another part of the world or another job.

In the event that you have chosen to tutor English in Hong Kong, there are basic qualifications that you simply must have. In some nations round the world, you’ll need a college degree and really very little else. Hong Kong, however, has high expectations for foreign lecturers.

First and foremost to become an English instructor you must obtain an employment visa, if you’re a foreigner. There is a specific list of exceptions for Australian and New Zealand citizens. Anyone else must have a valid employment visa. Employment visas require mounds of paperwork so get started early. Use the internet to help you navigate this part of the process, especially Hong Kong’s government websites.

To cut out any complications here or misconceptions, Hong Kong is totally separate from China for Visa applications and this makes your chances of moving here for work a lot easier and higher. Basically to visit China you need a separate Visa. BUT to visit Hong Kong, most countries don’t (I’m talking about countries such as Australia, Ireland, Germany, France, UK etc.). If you arrive in Hong Kong as a tourist from the UK for example you will get 180 days on your passport on arrival as a tourist visa!

This gives you plenty of time to find a job and lengthen your visa! Please note that some countries can also get a Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa and a Hong Kong Working Visa is also easily attained once you have a job in Hong Kong. Once you settle here a valid Working Visa is easily negotiated (I got one after about a year – having spent time on a tourist visa and a working holiday visa). Is it easy to find a teaching job in Hong Kong?

Is there Any Job Stress?

Again, there are on-line resources available to help in your search. Browse Hong Kong housing websites for an idea of the value placed on the amount of space you need. If you have been employed, your employer should be able to help you find something suitable for your needs.

If you have made the decision to teach English in Hong Kong, along with your excitement, prepare yourself for a sometimes difficult but very rewarding experience. The opportunity to immerse yourself so fully in another culture will be an enlightening experience that may very well change your life.

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