Two Popular Telecommuting Jobs: Virtual Assistant And SEO Writer

Many businesses today offer up the opportunity for employees to telecommute. Another term for this is working from home via an online portal or just by physically working from home. Allowing employees to telecommute can save businesses thousands, even millions of dollars per year in overhead costs. It is much more cost effective for companies to hire people to work from home rather than rent out space for an office, pay the electric bill, offer benefits, etc.

Because of this fact, more and more companies are hiring people to act as a virtual assistant. Essentially, virtual assistants are available to remotely help people with things like paperwork, typing up letters, spreadsheets, and even answering the phone and taking messages. They may never even meet their boss in person, but they still communicate with their employer either through email or chat.

Some small business owners or larger online companies will choose to contract people out as virtual assistants. Then, when they find they are in need of help, they enlist the company to hire a virtual assistant to complete some of the work for them. Lawyers and doctors’ offices are common clients that utilize virtual assistants as well. It is a sort of temp agency, but the work is performed from home and mostly online.

As a virtual assistant, you can be paid by the hour at a set hourly rate, or you can get paid per assignment such as a flat rate per spreadsheet completed, or letter written. The type of assignment and depth of what you must do is usually up to you, however you will probably have to pass certain tests such as Excel or Word accuracy tests so that the company knows you’re a capable candidate. Once you are hired, you can work long term for one particular client, or “hop around” from assignment to assignment, depending on the need.

SEO Writing

Studies show that most people will only click on the top ten to twenty five results they see in Google when they enter in any one particular search term. Online companies know this, so they enlist the help of SEO writers to contribute content to their pages. As an SEO writer, you will be paid either at a set rate per word typed, or a set rate per article. Typically, SEO writing involves using keywords but strategically placing them into the article so that it does not appear as if they were “stuffed” there on purpose.

SEO writers must be skilled in English grammar as well as being able to effectively write. Some companies offer a large database of articles for the writer to choose from, while others may just assign the writers different topics.

If you have a talent for writing and blogging but do not like the blogging format, SEO writing is definitely something to consider. It allows you to utilize your writing skills in a new way and you can usually choose from a wide selection of topics ranging from marketing and e-commerce to travel and real world issues.

Whatever topics you choose, you will definitely be able to earn some extra money. Just keep in mind that in most cases, you will be a “ghost writer” when you do SEO work. This means that you will not receive credit publicly for the work, and sometimes it does not even get published. In some cases, the writing is embedded into the client’s web pages and the actual writing is never really read by anyone other than the web master.


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