What Are Fields That Physicians Assistants Can Work In?

As a physician assistant (PA), your profession is distinct from the task of medical assistant because you do perform examination, provide diagnosis and treatment planning under a physicians’ direction plus assisting in surgeries.

Ever wonder what are the fields’ that physician assistants could work in? Common knowledge would get you to the answers of private offices or clinics. These are categorized as primary health care environments. It could be general medicine or specialty like pediatrics and oncology which varies with the physician you are attached to.

Besides, you could also diversify as hospital-surgical assistants and emergency room medical practitioner. Essentially, they are practicing with supervision of physicians at a broad scope of task thus giving them considerable authority in hospitals.

Public health clinics are also another of area that you could branch into. Being more focus on prevention of disease and promotion of optimum health state of cast public, you will definitely this area at its noblest and benefit from the variety of task you perform. Healthcare outreach programs and mobile health teams would bring you to the patients in need in rural areas. Most do work on call as in flown in when in demand.

Others include schools and colleges, where they have their own clinics set ups in campus.

Thus, health services are provided to a specific academic community.

One may be surprised that a PA does serve in prison too. Job description includes diagnosis, reports and prescription writing for inmates. Working in this community requires a degree and minimum three years of clinical experience.

Military service also could be an option while some distinct groups of PAs do work in home health care agencies. Lastly, the option would branch to government organizations like the Center of Disease Control (CDC) where guidelines and adherence to them are significant plus lab testing and researches.

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