Fixing The Print Head Of The HP Printer

The dried ink in the print head creates the problem in the print quality of the HP printer. If something is not done about the dried ink in the print head, then more dried ink will build up and ultimately the print head will not be able to print at all. The good thing that HP has addressed this kind of problem and has included a built-in self-cleaning function on its latest printer models. On the other hand if the clogging is too severe one has to clean the print head manually.

One has to follow the below listed instructions in order to clean the print head:

Auto Cleaning

First turn on the printer. Now one has to press and then hold the power button while pressing the cancel button once at the same time as this will give the cleaning options available already in the printer. In order to, initiate the first cleaning level one has to select the cancel button. Thus, in order to initiate the second level of cleaning, one has to press the cancel button two times and then the resume button once. To initiate third level of cleaning, one has to press the cancel button three times and once again the resume button.
This time one has to release the power button that pressed and hold earlier. Depending upon which level of cleaning one has selected the printer will automatically perform the entire process after this one has to test it to check if the print head is printing normally once more. In order to do this, one has to insert a configuration page. If the print quality is same as it was before the error occurred then it means the print head is working fine, and there is no need to take further actions hence print head is fixed.

Manual Cleaning

For cleaning the printer head of a printer manually, one has to turn on the printer. Then, unplug the power cord once the print head and the ink cartridge reach the center of the printer. One has to remove the external casing of the printer and take out the print head. One must get a micro fiber cloth and start cleaning the print head’s contact points, and one must thoroughly remove all the accumulated dried ink While cleaning one must leave the underside of the nozzles of the print head untouched. It is not easy to remove all the dried ink with the help of micro fiber cloth. Hence, the left out ink residue on the contact points of the print head, one may gently remove them by using a cotton swab soaked in distilled water. This time also leave the underside nozzles untouched as it may damage the print head. Again take a cotton swab dip it in distilled water and one must clean the ink build up inside the contact points of the printer. One must allow the cleaned areas to dry thoroughly before reassembling the print head to its previous state. One must plug the power cord to the wall outlet once more and turn on the printer. The printer must be tested in order to see the quality of the printer. If the print quality is not acceptable, then one must buy a new print head so that there will be no more print head issues.

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