Ford Expedition SUV Laptop Desks

There are various people who need to work from their vehicles, especially when they need to stay on a job site for several days. There are times when you have to use laptops on your SUV. For example you’re travelling on the road but there are emergency files you need to send, emails you need to check. Using a laptop in your SUV is not an easy experience. Of course you can put the laptop on the passenger seat to work on it; however this working position may cause you wrist and back problems in the long run. The best solution is to have a SUV laptop mount.

Busy professionals nowadays bring their laptops with them everywhere they go. They try to take advantage of every free minute they have on the road to work. Pro Desks, a vehicle laptop desk provider located in North America, provides quality laptop desks for vehicles owners who want to turn their vehicles into convenient mobile offices. With a laptop mount installed in a Ford Expedition SUV, user can work for hours on their laptop without feeling any pain on their wrist or back due to wrong working position. Advanced SUV laptop desks feature locking desktop which helps secure the laptop, preventing any quick theft as well. Ford Expedition SUV owners now have up to four options to choose when it comes to selecting the right laptop mount for their SUVs.

Now we take a closer look at the features of the Pro Desks Enforcer II. It is easy to use and boasts its advanced features that make it stand out from the rest. With this laptop desk, it is very professional with sleek finishing along with great features that cannot be matched by other laptop desks in the market at the present.

Enforcer II is made of rugged material. It can last for years. This SUV laptop mount can be transferred from one vehicle to another easily. You can do the installation as well as transferring job yourself just by using a few simple hand tools. The base is custom built so if you change your vehicle, you can still reuse the mounting system by ordering a new base only. Enforcer II was specifically designed for rugged commercial usage on a job site.

The Dominator truck laptop mount by Pro Desks is equipped with four shock pads. These shock pads help raise your laptop some inches from the mount so that the laptop is not affected by shocks or vibration while you are driving. The Dominator truck laptop mount can be swiveled, tilted and turned. Therefore, both the driver and the passenger can work on the laptop. The height of this truck mount is adjustable; which means you can easily find the right position to suit your needs. The product has a no-drill base, so the standing height can be removed from it quickly. The product will not affect the passenger seat. Just adjust it slightly and the passenger can operate on the laptop perfectly.

Navigator has the lowest price among the four Ford Expedition SUV laptop desks provided by Pro Desks. The Navigator has an ergonomic design with a raised front lip and two rear pressure brackets which allow the laptop to fit any laptop sizes. Its desktop features four rubber shock pads which raise the laptop off the desktop, allowing passive air flow can get in. The shock pads also play the role of reducing any road vibration to protect the hard drive.

If you are looking for a laptop mounting system for heavy-duty job, then Pro Desks Mongoose is the best option to choose. Mongoose is also the most advanced laptop desk for Ford Expedition SUVs that you can find on the market. Mongoose has an all aluminum adjustable locking top which can fit laptop of any sizes. The locking feature of the top prevents your laptop from falling into the floor in any cases. When you need to drive, just close your laptop lid without worrying about your hinges. Unlike the cheap laptop desks on the market, the Mongoose allows the lid to close perfectly without obstructing your keyboard with holding mechanisms. Using the Mongoose is the best way to extend your laptop lifetime if you have to use the laptop on a regular basis in your SUVs.

Having a quality SUV laptop desk will help you enhance your working experience on the go. Each laptop desk model by Pro Desks has its own features. Ford Expedition SUV owners can visit Pro Desks online stores, compare and consider which model to choose.

Choosing the right Ford Expedition SUV computer desk can be a challenging task. Call or email Pro Desks now; let Pro Desks help you.