Free Is Boring, Try Customization in Your Joomla Site

It is common to find people criticizing Joomla on comparing with enterprise technologies. It can be a truth for the businesspersons, who do not customize and enhance the functional stature of their Joomla web sites. They initially try to understand the momentum of Joomla, which is an open source web content management system but left in the midst. Technically, Joomla is an open source web content management system, which can be availed as a community edition. You can easily deploy the community edition of this tool in your web site.

Why Use Monotones Community Editions

Usually, business organizations download the community edition of this open source tool and install directly in their sites. They keep using their sites with community edition and do not even think about addition of custom features in their web sites. Technically, Joomla is an open source web content management system and uses multiple third party plug-ins and extensions. Therefore, it can be easily hacked in case of improper management. In this way, the users of this open source tool should test the entire tool before installation in their sites and use extra plug-ins or extensions with proper understanding.

Use Your Business Understanding In Customization

You should use your years of business understanding for contriving the right functionalities for your business website. The addition of special functionalities plays a vital role in the overall performance enhancement of your website. Technically, you need to devise the features for your website on paper. In this way, you should write about each required feature of your website. Later on, you can share your written functionalities with your hired coders. They will study the dimensions of your new functionalities and start the coding process. Further, you can also ask them to test newly developed functionalities in accordance of proved software testing norms and parameters.

Invest In Social Media Marketing

Yeah! You read it right. You need to invest your money in social media marketing because you can cut your development cost by 25% via Offshore Joomla Development. After loading your site with custom features, you should plan for running campaigns in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sometimes, business owners think that their investment in these social networking portals goes in vein, which is a wrong perception. You should try to understand and explore the potential of social networking world. Considerably, your customized Joomla site will be able to host all of your virtual marketing campaigns. Thus, you must take all measures to fuel up your site with organic visitors. Technically, you should integrate your site with all leading social networking portals like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and create your official profiles in these sites. Additionally, you can also add a blog in your website for stable conversation with your targeted customers. Taking all these measures will help you in enhancing the popularity of your website.

So, you will be gearing up for the customization of your Joomla site if you are already using your site. In case, you are still judging this CMS tool from technical point of views then you will keep judging the tool in coming years. Considerably, you can use the community edition of this tool as the trial version then wasting time in superficial research is useless. It will certainly waste a lot of valuable business hours of regular working schedule.