Honeywell 7500 – Ideal For High Security Commercial Environments

The Honeywell 7500 terminal features a fantastic display with several figures and usually available for fixed-mount or the new fork-lift-mounted applications. They are mostly used in depots, warehouses and the inventory places along with manufacturing floors. The Honeywell 7500 has an inbuilt 133 MHz processor which is incredibly fast and quick in processing the inputs. The device supports industry-standard software which also sports an operating system of MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 95. The device is especially suited for PC-controlled systems while it is perfectly capable of terminal emulation for unique systems which include IBM AS/400, UNIX or Windows NT applications. It is expandable to 32 MB memory and also allows in the application of off-the-shelf apps to run unchanged.

For the use of Honeywell 7500, one needs to update the central computer with the help of a wireless radio which sports a touch-screen. If necessary you can have a standard keyboard along with a barcode scanner which will help you to read barcodes with its laser scanning ability. The barcode reader is important for quick data entry. The device is also suitable for working in harsh industrial environments which have volatile temperatures and demanding situations. The unit is particularly sealed and waterproof. The device is also used for wash-down and freezer applications.

Here are some of the salient features of Honeywell 7500:

  • The device is compatible with many devices and supports 2.4 GHz Wireless connectivity along with Hardwired Ethernet Connectivity.
  • The 7500 model is sealed and waterproof which makes it easy to use in any condition.
  • Additionally it sports an extremely rugged exterior made of aluminium and is enclosed from all sides.
  • The device is immensely compact, portable and available with a mobile-mount package.
  • The screen is touch-enabled and displays a high contrast video display which shows the elements of the screen in full clarity and precision.
  • It is also said to be 2.4 GHz WLIF-Compliant.

Some of the benefits of Honeywell 7500 are:

  • The model displays enhanced flexibility especially in the overall installation procedure.
  • It is also Ideally suited for working in demanding working environments which makes it ideal in many work environs. These terminals are tested to operate in a wide range of volatile temperatures as well as climates which speaks highly of its sturdy build and a variety of features
  • The device can withstand drastic physical shock and vibration in extreme situations without affecting performance.
  • The device can be installed easily anywhere in a plethora of industrial vehicles and also on diverse mobile equipment.
  • Honeywell 7500 boasts of exceptional ease-of-use for most inventory professionals and warehouse personnel who do not have to be technically proficient.
  • One of the major benefits of the product is that it is operational and compatible with a wide variety of third party products.

The model is especially perfect for use in high security commercial environments where one can easily mount it on walls, in corners and even on high ceilings with brackets suitable for its positioning.

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