How the Raspberry Pi Changed Computing

At first glance, an individual who does not know anything about the Raspberry Pi will think that it is a piece of technology that belongs in the 80’s. It is true that the Raspberry Pi DIN Rail and its other components look very simple and “low-tech”, this piece should not be underestimated. For those who haven’t caught up with this latest computing trend, it’s time to get to know the Raspberry Pi, the DIN rail enclosure, and the entire history of this piece of technological marvel.

The Humble Beginnings

It was back in February 2012 when the first model of the Raspberry Pi, the 1 Model B was first released. The computing system was first created to function as an educational device, little did the creators know that the device would become a huge success. The computer board is a small credit card-sized processing unit that is also very affordable and accessible.

The reason behind the affordability of the Raspberry Pi, the DIN rail enclosure, and other computer parts is due to the UK-based charity, the Raspberry Pi Foundation who are the makers of this computer. With their goal of providing high-performing computers for people in need to use for learning, problem solving, and also for entertainment, Model B and Model A of the computer were released for just $35 and $25 each. These affordable models were just the bare bones of the computer, but it was soon followed by the enclosures.

Road To Success 

It wasn’t the goal of the creators to sell millions of units, but as it turned out the device become very popular and has currently sold over 15 million units back in 2017. Today it remains as one of the highest selling computers all over the world. This comes as no surprise seeing as it is highly dependable, functional, and also very affordable.

Families and schools who lack the funds to purchase expensive gadgets can easily afford the Raspberry Pi DIN rail and all of its parts. Access to computers and their useful programs is now possible, even for underfunded schools. By using the Raspberry Pi students of all ages get the chance of a lifetime to learn more about the processors and connections inside computers and how they work.

For those who are interested in writing programs, the Raspberry Pi is also a great device that allows students to learn how to write programs. It gives many students a chance to learn valuable skills that can give them an edge when they graduate and enter the workforce. The popularity of this computer is well-earned, especially since it is responsible for eliminating the digital divide between social classes.

More Updates And Uses

Since its release back in 2012, there are many copycats who have tried to replicate the Raspberry Pi because of its amazing qualities. Some competitors have tried to use the computer for movie and tv streaming and other functions for a profit. The Foundation has made it their mission to continue to update their computers to be able to compete with the imitations.

Thanks to the competition, the Raspberry 2 and 3 were soon released with added improvements and an expanded market. Today the Raspberry Pi is no longer used for learning and education, it has branched out and will continue to grow as the demand for the affordable computer and its different parts continues to soar over the next few years.