How To Save Money When Buying Inkjet Cartridges

Purchasing ink cartridges for professional and consumer printers can be a costly endeavor. With many desktop printers costing less than the ink cartridges needed to run them, the search for affordable ink has never been more necessary than now. Unfortunately, many individuals and purchasing managers alike are unfamiliar with ways they can reduce their ink expenditures while getting the products they require. First and foremost, ink will almost always be less expensive when purchased from an online source.

As one might imagine, the cost of maintaining a storefront is transferred over to the consumer in every product sold. Online retailers don’t sx110 printer cartridge have storefront related expenses, and because they sell in the largest marketplace on earth, competition keeps prices at their lowest. Many erroneously associate online retailers with the inconvenience of waiting for orders to arrive as well as a limited selection. In truth, online retailers rarely suffer from the stock shortages that customers have become accustomed to with local retailers and most offer overnight or “next day” when requested. Additionally, online retailers’ inkjet cartridge prices are well below those of printer and copier suppliers. Unless ink supply is included with a rental contract, companies can save substantially by purchasing their own. Another way to save on ink is to purchase remanufactured or aftermarket inkjet cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are previously used products that are recycled through ink replacement.

They are tested for quality and provide the same lifespan as a new cartridge at a significant savings. Remanufactured cartridges are also better for the environment than new cartridges. Aftermarket ink cartridges are often much cheaper than original manufacturer products and are made to the same specifications, insuring consumers of the same compatibility and functionality found in their “name brand” counterparts. While most manufacturers will indicate that only certified replacement products are suitable for use in their printers, rarely is that actually the case. Of course, consumers should check to see if using compatible aftermarket cartridges will violate their warranty before purchasing. By finding the right retailer and using remanufactured or aftermarket ink cartridges, consumers can save hundreds or even thousands over the life of their printers.

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