Integrating NetSuite and WordPress for better customer reach

For so many businesses looking to do business on the cloud, NetSuite becomes an obvious choice. But in order to stand out among their peers in a Googlized world they have to generate sizeable content (more than 500 words) in a regular manner so as to advertise their core product/service. Obviously NetSuite is not a blogging platform and so will not really help in promoting the company on the internet. For those who are interested in a solution to this dilemma, the most popular option is to integrate NetSuite with WordPress. Any qualified NetSuite consultant or consulting company would suggest to you the use of a WordPress blog as the obvious and highly effective way to get quality content that is search engine friendly out there for Google as well as your prospects. This would not hamper the sales process which could have in other circumstances been bogged with a lot of content and hence would have affected the purchase behavior.


For those who wonder why WordPress, here is the reason justifying the choice of WordPress. WordPress is the number one blogging platform and a clear winner among the other platforms such as MovableType, ExpressionEngine, Joomla, Drupal etc. to name a few. WordPress is highly search engine friendly and hence fits the bill perfectly. Teaming it up with one of the most powerful Enterprise Resource Planning systems can only assure you of greater social connectivity which would eventually translatintee into better business opportunity. The entire NetSuite suite of products allows a business to integrate all aspects of business and avoid any silos that can occur between the various departments in an organization. What it lacked was the ability to go social. This inability is redeemed by having a WordPress blog that talks about the core product/service which is also easily searchable via search engines. The WordPress blog can be a self hosted one or can be hosted on The advantage of self hosting your WordPress blog is the ability to make use of the vast number of third party WordPress plugins which offer a plugin solution for just about any desired function. Indeed the flexibility that WordPress provides to a business that has NetSuite for backend helps a business to reach out better to its prospects.


In such a scenario you would need the expert development of a software development company that has the desired level of expertise in both WordPress Netsuite integration and has also successfully carried out such integrations for its clients. You could either get this done in-house or you can avail the services of a software development company who would look after the entire integration process while you comfortably look after your core business. There are a number of NetSuite and WordPress vendors who can do a good job to integrate NetSuite with WordPress and thereby make you visible in the search engine’s radar. However, you must choose a reliable company that will guide you through the process as well as provide you with maintenance as and when critical issues crop up.


Mindfire Solutions, an offshore software development company from India, believes in the advantage of having small dedicated teams who would take care of all aspects of software development and provide the customer with daily updates about the project status and provide subsequent maintenance help. Choose to work with a seasoned software development expert and experience the reliability of services and expertise in handling NetSuite and WordPress integrations efficiently. If you want to hire WordPress developers and hire Netsuite developers, please contact us at sales at or call 1-248-686-1424. Wl will be glad to help you.