Looking for Spam Prevention? Try 5 Drupal Modules for 100% Protection

Spamming becomes a deathblow for business organizations, which deals in online business. Technically, we can coin spam as ceaseless threads of comments & visits from similar users that chocks the bandwidth of a website and slows down the speed for real online visitors. Frankly speaking, it is the most easy and financially profitable way of virtual marketing because you can purchase a number of recipient contacts and broadcast your message to individuals. However, some evildoers also use this as a weapon against rivals for slowing down the websites. Therefore, business organizations take all possible measures to ensure minimum spam at their sites. It becomes easy when you go with Drupal. Additionally, you can take services of Drupal development company for custom spam prevention plug-in.

It is an open source web content management system, which ensures less spamming at sites made using this CMS tool. However, you need to use some modules along with this CMS tool to prevent your site with all possible spamming activities. You can choose your modules from below given list.


You may have loved the line “are you human” at CAPTCHA while submitting forms at various Drupal sites. It is a challenge response test, which can be placed right before the submission button of web forms. It gives total security from spambots that automatically fill web forms and try to slow down the speed of a web site. With the help of this module, any Drupal user can save his or her site from spam comments and queries. It has been the most result-oriented tool for spam prevention until date for Drupal users.


Known for intelligent handling of anonymous visitors, Mollum has emerged as the sun of Drupal module directory for managing spam at Drupal sites. Technically, it not only judges a comment from the pattern but also looks deeper into posters virtual behavior. In easy words, you can call it the most efficient content moderator. This module allows integration with other modules that works together on a site. Currently, this intelligent content moderator prevents near about 30000 websites with an average efficiency rate of 99.93%, which is quite impressive.


This spam prevention module ensures user registration forms from spammers & automated Spambots. Technically, this module checks profile of user from the blacklist of (www.stopforumspam.com) and take needful actions. It also checks the user’s profile via cron. Currently, this module is supporting all available versions of Drupal.

Image CAPTCHA Refresh

This module saves your site from disadvantages of CAPTCHA module. As you know CAPTCHA module ask for the submission of visible string of letters or words that sometimes goes difficult to understand. So, this module helps your website users in availing an understandable image. Your website visitors can easily refresh the CAPTCHA image for using a simple one.


You probably have not forgotten the old Akismet. This module is the updated version of Akismet and use external spam protection services Akismet. This module is compatible with Drupal 7.

After reading about these extensions, you can easily pick your module to ensure minimum possibilities for spamming at your website.