LXE Barcode Scanners – Resting on Innovation and Quality!

With the advancement in technology in recent times, wireless networks have helped corporate to free up workspace with less number of cords required for work. This has facilitated mobility and mobile workers to remain connected always. LXE Technologies has in recent times introduced gadgets and devices including the wireless, Bluetooth barcode scanners which can even fit on your finger. The new barcode scanners can fit and set like a ring, with several multitasking options than ever before. The futuristic device is the new LXE 8650 which is said to be the newest and the first wearable Bluetooth ring scanner in the world!

This scanner can get fit in your finger ring to rest comfortably there. The slightest thumb-trigger can get you into reading the barcodes. It is extremely feather-light at just over 4.8 Ounces and hence most mobile workers and warehouse professionals will like to carry it and use.

One would suppose that since it is extremely light, it cannot be tough. But this fact holds untrue for LXE 8650 which is sturdily constructed and housed with magnesium. It can even be dropped, or wildly smacked, or even thrown anywhere. It will still be in working condition. There are thick cables attached to the device for avoiding cord tears or snags. Along with its covering, the internal electronic housing of the device consists of specialized electronics which are tested to work in the most demanding working environment conditions ever.

LXE’s newest device is connected by Velcro and boasts of awesome accuracy of scanning data placed even 30 feet away which is amazing with respect to the size of the scanner. It is also compatible with the other Bluetooth units available on the market, which is aligned to the current equipment you have set up in your organization.

The LXE 8650 has the standard laser scanning option for both 1D and 2D. It has battery life of 24 hours and a staggering ability of 17,000 scans within a single charge. It can be paired with mobile computers by scanning a barcode only.

LXE’s new Vehicle Mount Computer which is named as Thor, with respect to the Norse God of mythology. It has a brilliant processing platform boasting of incredible features and expected to feature on a wide array of forklifts, cranes and trucks.

The Thor has a field-replaceable front panel which is unlike any touchscreen panel you have seen since it can be easily replaced in a matter of minutes. One of its best features is the Smart Dock which allows for moving vehicles quickly. Moving of computers from a vehicle is easier here and will also increase efficiency for vehicles which are without a computer.

The Thor offers a grand 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor which is immensely powerful and can process procedures which are complex and long instantaneously. The device also features WWAN, WLAN, and Bluetooth connectivity. The operating system is mostly expected to be Windows Embedded Standard while some of the features related to indoor & outdoor displays are extremely unique. The device features space diversity antennas for WiFi which is essential especially in an industrial environment.

Consistent service and repair solutions of LXE VX9 further distinguish us as a leader in the automated data collection industry. Liberty Systems provide comprehensive solutions and service for products from Zebra, Symbol, Printronix, Honeywell and more.