Motorola MC9500 – The Rugged Mobile Computer For Industrial Purposes

The Motorola MC9500 had raised the bar in the arena of mobile computing since its advent. Its ergonomic design and features help workers in field mobility. With a class which is not boasted by many, it is a groundbreaking device which is unmistakable in the MC9000 Series although it features a more rugged design, and better data capture options. The device also includes true WAN technology independence with swappable WAN subsystems and incredibly more processing power. What’s more, the device has better than the standard battery and backroom management with sleeker hardware and efficient form factor.

At Motorola, we’ve made it our business to understand your business. With the new Motorola MC9500-K rugged mobile computer system, it shows. The MC9500-K leverages the flagship features introduced by Motorola and also brings about different capabilities as a result of continued research and field testing, Motorola MC9500 is also been used by several force automation applications in some of the world’s best companies. It is a groundbreaking device which featured innovation to a new level and inspired a whole new generation of devices and applications. With the MC9500-K, the rugged design would be a prominent feature but it is the data capture options which pleases the mobile worker the most. The processing power is incomparable for the price and its ergonomics is better than all its counterparts. It is packaged in a form factor which can be used right in your backroom.

Here are some more features of the device:

  • The keypads are perfect to support new applications which means that the modularity provides outstanding flexibility and investment protection today’s businesses require.
  • It is purpose-built for use in the most demanding field applications in the industry and its features including rugged specifications reduce the required repair and downtime thus delivering exceptional ROI and TCO.
  • The device can handle several bumps out on the road and also passes the test related to its stringent mechanical design, stress and endurance with flying colours.
  • The device also backs up standards for drops, tumbles and sealings with ability to withstand several 6 ft./1.8m drops in any sort of temperature that it is subjected to, without discounting on patchy performance.
  • It is registered with IP67 environmental sealing standards and can perform reliably anytime even after being immersed in water, subjected to spills and puddles.
  • The housing of the device is the patented Monocoque and a unibody enclosure.
  • Since the touch panel is well-rugged and there is enough space between the panel and the display one can easily handle the device without pressure.
  • With the help of a separate magnesium frame which is cushioned within the device, it can withstand additional internal shock and absorb it as needed. Hence it has an exceptional ability to withstand any bout of stress which might be caused through a bump.

With its truly immaculate features and exceptional build quality, Motorola MC9500 can be found to be useful in a variety of situations and industry-specific applications.

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