Printronix P5000 – The Forerunner in Industrial Printing

Printronix has been a veteran provider of industrial printing solutions spanning three decades, earning a reputation for producing leading edge products and delivering them to their clients with impeachable service and support. Printronix P5000 Line Printers continue their legacy in industrial printing and perform admirably well as the ideal workhorse solution for diverse office printing tasks. They deliver perfectly well due to their reliability and boast of extremely low total cost of operations.

The Printronix T5000r thermal bar code printer combines commendable reliability, immaculate power and immense flexibility for demanding environments. The Printronix series of industrial printers supports the highest and widest range of connectivity options without compromising on performance. It also provides the ideal ability of meeting diverse compliance requirements and government regulations. The device is Energy Star certified too which means that its energy efficient. Such certified products prevent greenhouse gas emissions my meeting the standards and energy efficiency guidelines which are prescribed by the US Environmental Protection Agency and also the Department of Energy. By meeting the standards, the device belongs to a rare breed of products which boast of outstanding performance by being energy-efficient.

The Printronix P5000 features a 166MHz 32-bit RISC processor which is known for its ultra-fast processing and outstanding throughput performance. Its 64MB SDRAM memory assures that the accessible memory is perfect for processing real-time operations in various cases. The 16MB Flash drive embedded within the device includes font and image storage capability too. The 625m ribbon within the device helps in reducing downtime and overall supply cost.

The product boasts of a Smart Ready design which provides the strategic path for implementing future RFID support. It also has language support. Printronix P5000 also adheres to embedded industry standard forms and other such templates.

It supports the company’s Extensible Markup Language (PXML) interface thus enabling real-time printing options and streamlined job control. It features a unique dual motor ribbon system which removes the necessity of clutch replacement and helps in printing clear and precise bar codes.

The barcode printer also features an easy side-load, quick cleaning options and fantastic maintenance for very less down time.

The product does not require costly service calls since their printheads can be installed quickly with snap-in options and easy resolution changes. The unique aluminum die-cast design of the product dampens vibration and helps in aligning the printer to ideal levels while also boasting of good print quality. The ventless system can operate perfectly well especially in places where there is presence of airborne particulate matter without giving up on quality of the prints and the performance of the device as well as media.

The Printronix P5000 family of thermal barcode printers are designed to fulfill Imaging Equipment requirements of Energy Star. The thermal bar code printer supports a wide range of options for impeccable performance and also delivers on being a green product since it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions as stipulated by the government. Its features and benefits rule over the rest of similar products which is, suffice to say, one of the best options for barcode printing in the market.

Consistent service and repair solutions of Printronix P5010 further distinguish us as a leader in the automated data collection industry. Liberty Systems provide comprehensive solutions and service for products from Zebra, Symbol, Printronix, Honeywell and more.