Pro Desks New Enforcer II – The Perfect Laptop Desk For Your 2015 Chevrolet GMC Trucks

Pro Desks, located in North America, has over twelve years providing vehicle laptop desks worldwide. They have the right laptop mounting solution for virtually all vehicles on the road. Recently they have introduced the new Enforcer II to the market. This new laptop desk model is specifically built for 2015 Chevrolet GMC trucks. If you own this modern vehicle, then this is definitely a great news.

Before the new Enforcer II was introduced to the market, 2015 Chevrolet GMC truck owners had a very limited truck laptop desk models to choose from. With all advanced features, Enforcer II model is considered to be the most user-friendly and highly advanced laptop mount available on the market. The new Enforcer II laptop desk offers great features than any other products by competitors. The adjustable desktop allows users to put laptops of any screen sizes. Ruggedized laptops still fit well with these mounting systems. Installing this modern truck laptop desk is simple. Its base is designed with a 2015 Chevrolet GMC truck in mind so you won’t have any difficulties with the installation process. You do not need to drill your modern truck either.

Quality and durability are what make Pro Desks truck laptop desks stand out from products made by competitors. Some advanced features of the Enforcer II are: locking adjustable top, adjustable main rod, shock control top, custom built base plates.

The new Enforcer II features a strong articulating arm which allows you to turn the mount from side to side. This great feature makes it possible for both the driver and passenger to work on the laptop. No light duty mobile computing products can be compared to the Enforcer II in terms of quality and durability.

You can adjust the laptop position by bringing the desktop up or down. This is made possible by the use of the height adjustable main rod. If you have a larger console you can bring the articulating arm up and over, any configuration can be accomplished. The Enforcer II vehicle laptop desk is designed for serious applications.

Laptop when being put into the desktop of this mounting system will be kept securely. The locking feature and the four shocking pads of the desktop protect your laptop from being damaged by shocks on the road. Extending your laptop lifespan is totally possible with this advanced mounting system.

With these advanced features, the Enforcer II is the best laptop desk for your 2015 Chevrolet GMC trucks.

Enforcer II is currently the most advanced computer desk for 2015 Chevrolet GMC trucks. Check out more product features at Pro Desks online store.